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The CS-LR4 in reality

The CS/LR4 is a Chinese bolt-action sniper rifle designed & manufactured by Norinco. It fires the Western 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge instead of the more traditional 5.8x42mm Chinese round. It is also relatively accurate, capable of 1 MOA at 300m & a minimum range of 600m.

The CS/LR3, or FY-JS as known in Battlefield 4, is a variant of the CS/LR4 that is chambered to use the lighter 5.8x42mm cartridge.

Battlefield 4Edit

Two variants of the CS-LR4 are featured in Battlefield 4.


The CS-LR4 is the default Sniper Rifle for the Recon class. Its default attachments are a CL6X scope, Variable Zoom, and bipod. It unlocks the Chinese attachments through kills and the American and Russian attachments through Battlepacks.



The FY-JS appears in the singleplayer and multiplayer of Battlefield 4.


The FY-JS is the standard sniper rifle for the PLA and is seen in Singapore and Kunlun Mountains; used by snipers at the end of each mission. It is equipped with the Hunter, Canted Ironsights, Flash Hider and Straight Pull Bolt. It sports a Hexagon Naval finish.


The FY-JS is unlocked upon the completion of the Recon Expert gold tier assignment. The bullets from the FY-JS drop at the same rate of the SRR-61, but also has the third highest muzzle velocity at 630 m/s. Like all bolt-action sniper rifles, it can take out an enemy at close range with one hit, but like the Scout Elite, it takes up to three hits to kill at range.




  • This rifle was buffed in the 2014 Fall update. Its range was extended as well as (and most importantly), its muzzle velocity increased. The weapon's magazine size was lowered from 10 to 5 in the Weapons Crate Pack.


  • The Chinese characters on the side of the FY-JS (中国特种部队) translate to "Chinese Special Forces"; this also appears on the QBS-09 and JS2.
  • The FY-JS's pickup icon uniquely silhouettes the red star on the stock in order to differentiate it from the CS-LR4's icon.
  • The name FY-JS, a name never used in real life, has been theorized by Chinese players to be an erroneous interpretation of a CS-LR4 image's watermark as the weapon's name. The image, found by Chinese players on the Battlefield Wiki, was taken from a Chinese military enthusiast message board named 飞扬军事 (pinyin: Fēi yáng jūn shì), watermarked with its url, Chinese players had erroneously associated the Battlefield Wiki with the developers of Battlefield 4, and theorized that the name FY-JS was derived from the pinyin romanization of the site's name. [1]

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