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For the gadget of the same name in Battlefield V, see Camera (Battlefield V).

"Deployable camera which detects and reports enemy movement in a 50m cone in front of the camera."

— Beta in-game description

The Camera is a gadget featured in Battlefield Hardline, issued to the Professional class. It functions similarly to the T-UGS in that it is a passive deployable gadget that spots enemies within a certain radius. However, the device itself is much smaller and harder to detect visually, can be placed on walls, and only detects enemies within roughly a 90 degree cone of vision.

Multiple cameras in the same field of vision can be used to spot more than one enemy. Cameras also have spotting priority over normal spotting which will then award a spot bonus assist upon the spotted enemy's death. Two cameras can be placed per life with a third camera able to be placed upon death. If another camera is placed afterward, however, it will replace the oldest camera. It can also be picked up again once it has been placed.

Camera coins are awarded upon obtaining 2 Intel assists. They are needed to obtain the MAC-10 and .300 Knockout through the completion of assignments. It is advised to place cameras in high traffic areas, with Team Deathmatch or Blood Money being viable gamemode options.

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Battlefield Hardline[edit | edit source]

  • Originally only one enemy could be spotted at a time in a camera's field of vision, even if two cameras shared the same field. Players would also not be awarded the spot assist if another player spotted the enemy like normal and killed them. These features were changed in the 1.03 patch with the release of the Criminal Activity expansion.
  • Before the 1.03 patch, Camera coins were originally awarded upon obtaining 10 Intel assists. This was changed in order to make it much easier to obtain coins.
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