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"Intercept. Ambush. Execute."

— Blasco

Camila Blasco is a Recon specialist featured in Battlefield 2042. She was added with the release of Eleventh Hour season.


Birthdate // May 12th, 2012 (31 years old)
Birth Location // Colón, Panama
Spoken Languages // Native Spanish, Galician, English
Nationality // Spanish

Personal History[]

Born in Colón, Panama to middle-class Spanish parents, Camila's childhood by the coast instilled a lifelong love of the ocean. This idyllic upbringing was shattered by a freshwater supply crisis that devastated the country. Desperate to stabilize her life, Camila's mother and father sent their daughter to live with her grandfather in Vigo, Spain.

A retired commercial fisherman, Antonio would often take Camila out on his boat with a pair of rods and enough bait to last the day. The proud Spaniard taught her to survive off the sea and often regaled Camila about their family history fighting Franco's army in the bloody Spanish civil war. Inspired by their sacrifice, Camila enrolled at the prestigious Naval Academy in nearby Marin, meeting qualifications to join the Fuerza de Guerra Naval Especial (FGNE) as a special forces officer. This unit served in coastal, maritime, and land environments, focused on direct action against terrestrial targets-including the destruction of enemy installations and the capture of enemy personnel-and inland recon. After graduation, Camila engaged in military exercises with an American unit of Marine Raiders, specializing in SERE and CQB.

Her first operations were highly classified, serving in a 'tip of the spear' reconnaissance unit that sabotaged bases of piracy in European waters, arriving in small, stealthy naval craft with her team and destroying entire islands' worth of materiel. Camila's accomplishments on the team led to a promotion to Capitán, and her squad was reassigned to a ship belonging to the European Union's CSDP for defense and crisis management, serving as a rapid deployment answer to growing maritime threats in the region.

An impressive performance in her next tour resulted in a medal for bravery under fire, but tragedy swiftly struck. Days after receiving her commendation, Camila was informed about the death of her grandfather. In a mixed blessing, she was able to leverage her influence to bring her parents from Panama to attend the funeral and reunite with them for the first time in decades. While on leave she saw how difficult life had become for her family and the rest of the country as Spain was swept up in the expanding number of crises occurring around the world while fighting wildfires and crop-crushing heat within its own borders.

Camila's next assignment was on the newly commissioned ship SPS Impávido, which was sent to assist with the South African refugee crisis after a massive tidal wave devastated the country. She was promoted to Comandante. Before reaching port, the ship was assaulted and boarded by pirates intending to trade military officers as valuable hostages - but the collapse of the Spanish government meant the SPS Impávido's pleas for help went unanswered. Several of Camila's C.O.s were summarily executed before Camila led a violent breakout from the brig and recaptured the ship.

Deeply embittered by Spain's response and the loss of many officers she respected, Camila brought up the notion of defection to the surviving crew. They would no longer be bound by borders, and help any other ship in need that they encountered. After a vote with unanimous agreement, Camila became the acting captain of the SPS Impávido and began hunting exploitative ships in nearby waters, applying her reconnaissance expertise to devastating effect. Soon after, she came into contact with No-Pat vessels, leading to a temporary alliance before Camila officially changed her affiliation. Aiding millions of No-Pats worldwide in their struggle for survival, Camila eventually ended up in command of multiple ships, resulting in the affectionate nickname 'Admiral' from an American No-Pat for her sharp, decisive command style. She continues to lead from the front as a master of ambush tactics and skilled sabotage.

Assisting the Exodus[]

"You did a lot for us in Panama, and I appreciate it."


On its journey to Panama, the MFS-04 Exodus was intercepted by pirates. As they fell under attack, the nearby SPS Impávido moved in to protect the vessel, halting the pirate incursion. Kimble Graves later visited the Impávido to thank Blasco for her actions; the two ships becoming partial allies.

Sentry Sierra[]

"Blasco would've passed but for the codename they mentioned: Sentry Sierra."

Friend in Need

Following the siege of the Black Ridge facility, Blasco was paid by the Dark Market to transport the Shearwater technology to Nordvik's Lapland facility, the details of the cargo being kept hidden from her. En route to Sweden, Blasco discovered the true nature of the cargo and its ties with Oz, immediately causing her to question the reliability of the contact. After making landfall, Blasco is greeted by her contact, Sentry Sierra: Rasheed Zain, a known associate of the terrorist she stood so firmly against.

Running from the Wolff[]

"A fuse was lit. May as well do some good."

A Fuse is Lit

As the chaos at Nordvik's Lapland facility settled, the MFS-04 Exodus crossed paths with Blasco once again. Noah Wolff had proven that he could not be trusted anymore, firing a cruise missile - without hesitation - at what he believed to be Oz's location, despite the Exodus' task force still being within range. He had lit the fuse.

As they retraced their steps across the world to reach Oz, the Exodus was escorted by Blasco and the SPS Impávido from the Black Ridge facility to Queen Maud Land, where they were finally able to contact him. He instructed the Exodus to travel to Eden-1, an old rocket fuel production plant in Richtersveld, South Africa; the Impávido to escort them there. Blasco always put her crew first, not wanting to get involved in conflicts, but it she had decided. After Panama, Zain, Bergman, it was time to join the fight.

Key Dates[]

  • 2012 - Born in Colón, Panama.
  • 2020 - at 8, she is sent to Vigo, Spain by her parents.
  • 2033 - at 21, she becomes an officer in the FGNE (Spanish Special Forces).
  • 2035 - at 23, her grandfather dies.
  • 2036 - at 24, she returns to duty on the newly commissioned SPS Impávido.
  • 2037 - at 25, she is promoted to Comandante right as the Spanish government is collapsing. A pirate attack on the SPS Impávido results in a brutal hostage situation that kills several commanding officers - she manages to retake the ship by force and becomes captain by default.
  • 2038 - at 26, the SPS Impávido becomes an official No-Pat vessel.
  • 2043 - at 31, Blasco and the SPS Impávido assist the Exodus in Panama.


X6-Infiltration Device Icon
"Jams targeting and spotting tech while highlighting enemy devices."

— In-game description

Blasco is equipped with the X6-Infiltration Device as her specialty: a deployable signal jammer gadget with a range of approximately 20 meters that prevents hostile lock-ons and interferes with enemy spotting. It glitches out the users minimap and HUD, hiding friendly icons when within range and completely blocking out the minimap closer up, Dampening sound making any footsteps more difficult to notice.

Additionally, It has the ability to spot gadgets within its radius, Both on the minimap and in first person view. However, It does not disable gadget functionality.


Ambush Expert Icon
"Cannot trigger motion-based gadgets and disrupts turret targeting."

— In-game description

Blasco comes with the Ambush Expert as her trait, allowing her to pass completely undetected by gadgets such as the M18 Claymore, T-UGS, Prox Sensor or even Boris' SG-36 Sentry Gun.



Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Fantasma Fantasma
300 BFC (Headgear)
2,400 BFC (Activation Bundle)
3,000 BFC (Leviathan Rising Bundle)


Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Specialist Blasco Specialist Blasco
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Mamba Mamba
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Hexmesh Triweave Hexmesh Triweave
Blasco Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Night Operations Night Operations
5 kills and assists as Blasco
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Last Stand Last Stand
Eleventh Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 68
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Psychometry Psychometry
Dark Creations Premium Battle Pass tier 81
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Fractured State Fractured State
Turning Point Premium Battle Pass tier 68
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Verdugo Verdugo
Blasco Mastery 4 (T4)
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Tier 1 Tier 1
Blasco Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Axis Interference Axis Interference
New Dawn Premium Battle Pass tier 75
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Homefront Guard Homefront Guard
Turning Point Premium Battle Pass tier 50
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Fault Line Fault Line
Eleventh Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 100
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Terraformer Terraformer
1,000 BFC (Set)
1,750 BFC (Nation Builder Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Seraphim Seraphim
1,000 BFC (Set)
1,750 BFC (Ascendant Warrior Bundle)
2,400 BFC (Arkangel Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco Exorcist Exorcist
1,000 BFC (Set)
1,750 BFC (Horrow Show Bundle)


Loading Screen Quotes[2]
  • "Cape Town was a warning to Wolff. My enemies should have the chance to reconsider before they meet me in person."
  • "I run Leviathan Division's selection process. If you want to know more, then sign up."
  • "Irish looks after his people. Look at what the Exodus has accomplished in the face of impossible odds. She's almost as fine as the Impávido."
  • "Seeing the Dark Market ship in Panama kills something inside me. They're making money hand over fist in the cradle that should have kept millions alive."
  • "Are you a reporter? No, I don't talk to press."
  • “Chile sold its soul to secure its own Shearwater weather satellite. Add it to the list of bowing to corporate interests.”
  • “Who does Guardia del Pueblo protect? The Chilean people or private corporations? I can’t speak to their past, I only see their actions now. Better late than never.”
  • “El Alicanto’s community had always been one of peace. It took the Arkangel Riots for that to change.”


Player Cards[]