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Campaign is one of two singleplayer game modes of Battlefield 1942. It allows the player to play through 16 singleplayer maps in a predetermined order.

To start a campaign, one needs to choose whether to play as the Axis or Allies. The progress for both teams are stored separately, but only one campaign for each team can be stored on a single profile. On the loading screen for each map, an overview of the map is shown, in addition to flavor texts for a description of the map and "objectives".

Once one map ends in victory, the next map will be unlocked, and the player can either continue the campaign, or replay the current map, overwriting current statistics. If the map ends in defeat, the player will need to replay this map in order to unlock the next map.

When all maps of the campaign are completed in victory, an additional end screen will be shown, marking the victory of the campaign. On the contrary, if there are too many losses in the campaign, it will be cut short and an end screen marking defeat will be shown.

Order of campaign[]

  1. Operation Battleaxe
  2. Gazala
  3. Wake Island
  4. Kursk
  5. Tobruk
  6. Battle of Midway
  7. Stalingrad
  8. El Alamein
  9. Guadalcanal
  10. Kharkov
  11. Omaha Beach
  12. Bocage
  13. Operation Market Garden
  14. Battle of the Bulge
  15. Berlin
  16. Iwo Jima


Allied Victory[]

BF1942 Allied win campaign

Allied victory background screen

"From the first skirmishes of this war it was clear that the Axis and the Allied powers were evenly matched. With both sides winning their share of hard-fought battles, it seemed for much of the war that victory hung in the balance, with the possibility that one major advance by either side could determine the outcome of the war. Despite heavy casualties, the Allies were able to outlast the enemy and claim ultimate victory."

— Allied Minor Victory

"Although certain battles in all four theaters of the war proved to be difficult, Allied forces eventually won a major victory over the Axis. Thanks to a solid attack plan and determined fighting forces, the Allies were able to beat the enemy on all fronts. From the seas of the Pacific to the deserts of North Africa, and in the hard-fought battlefields of Europe, the Allies sent a clear message to Axis commanders everywhere. It was an impressive and decisive victory for Allied forces."

— Allied Major Victory

"It was such an easy victory for the Allies that even Allied Command had to wonder how the Axis could be defeated so swiftly. The difference was superior tactics and superior firepower, which Allied forces used to crush the Axis in all theaters of war. Sweeping through the Pacific, North Africa, and across Europe, Allied troops overpowered the enemy in every phase of the war. It was a total victory for the Allies on all fronts."

— Allied Total Victory

Allied Defeat[]

BF1942 Allied lose campaign

Allied defeat background screen

"It seemed from the beginning that Axis and Allied forces were equally matched in strength, resources, and firepower. In battle after battle across all four theaters of war, soldiers on both sides fought valiantly, neither side proving to be markedly superior. It was back and forth throughout much of the fighting, and at times it looked as if either side could claim victory. In the end, however, Axis forces were able to outlast the Allies in what was a hard-fought campaign on all fronts."

— Allied Minor Defeat

"Despite the determined challenge presented by the Allies, the Axis war machine would not be denied ultimate victory on all four theaters of war. Even though the Allies fought hard, they lost battle after battle on all four fronts. In the final analysis, no matter where the battle took place, the Allies couldn't match the superior firepower of the Axis war machine."

— Allied Major Defeat

"Allied forces were completely devastated by the power of the Axis attack. From the seas of the Pacific to the sands of North Africa, from the coast of Normandy to the frozen terrain of Russia, Axis forces garnered seemingly effortless victories from the battle-weary Allied troops. It was a total defeat for Allied forces on all fronts."

— Allied Total Defeat

Axis Victory[]

BF1942 Axis win campaign

Axis victory background screen

"It seemed for some time that either side could win. Battles were won and lost by the Allies and the Axis. As the war came to an end, however, Axis forces were able to gain control and claim final victory. Despite the high number of casualties, the Axis will celebrate this triumph as if the outcome was never in doubt."

— Axis Minor Victory

"While the Allies put up a good fight, Axis forces dominated nearly every phase of this war. With superior planning and superior troops in every theater of battle, the Axis dealt one defeat after another to the Allies. In the end, the Allies were crushed with relative ease. It was a major victory for Axis forces on all fronts."

— Axis Major Victory

"The Axis war machine devastated the Allies on all fronts. From the Pacific to North Africa to Europe, Axis forces dealt one deadly blow after another to the enemy. In battle after battle it seemed as if the Allies had no hope of winning. It was a total victory for the Axis war machine."

— Axis Total Victory

Axis Defeat[]

BF1942 Axis lose campaign

Axis defeat background screen

"For much of the war it seemed as though either side might be able to claim victory. In the end, however, the Axis fell to the enemy. In battles from the Pacific to North Africa and across Europe, Allied forces defeated their foes through the narrowest margin, leaving Axis leaders to wonder how they failed to grasp a victory that had seemed so attainable."

— Axis Minor Defeat

"Even though the Axis seemed to gain some momentum at points during this war, they really didn't have a chance against the vastly superior Allied forces. In the final analysis, the Axis was defeated soundly at battle after battle. By dominating the Axis on all fronts, the Allies handed a major defeat to the Axis war machine."

— Axis Major Defeat

"The Axis forces were leveled by the more powerful Allied assault on all fronts. From start to finish in this war, the Axis learned lesson after lesson at the hands of a superior fighting force. At some points during the war, the ease with which Allied forces defeated the enemy was hard to believe. While the Allies celebrate their overwhelming victory, Axis leaders are hard pressed to explain what went wrong."

— Axis Total Defeat