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The Caproni Ca.5 was an Italian bomber biplane used during the latter years of World War I, and the last of its series. It was developed in response to fighter aircraft that were able to defend against earlier models, gaining a new wing and fuselage design, and increasingly powerful engines each providing up to 360 horsepower.

Battlefield 1Edit

The Caproni Ca.5 is a bomber featured in Battlefield 1. The vehicle has slots for three passengers - one pilot and two gunners.


The Caproni Ca.5 is first seen in Friends In High Places. In Total War, the British squadron of Caproni bombers is ordered to perform bomb run over the German fort, while Clyde Blackburn has to protect them from German fighters and AA guns.

Caproni bombers are later seen in Avanti Savoia!, covering Italian offensive and bombing Austrian positions.


This item has a Codex entry: Caproni CA.5

The Caproni Ca.5 is the main bomber of Entente forces. The pilot can drop various kinds of bombs: demolition bombs and high explosive bombs for destroying vehicles and structures, fragmentation and fire bombs for clearing infantry, and torpedoes for attacking naval targets. The heavy bombs are impact-fused, while the light bombs explode some time after landing.

A Bomb Sight activated by pressing Aim allows the pilot to line up potential targets. Although imprecise, it automatically adjusts for the altitude and orientation of the plane, and engine speed. A Spotting Camera allows the crew to more easily find targets.

The second seat is assigned to the rear gunner, who uses a Lewis Gun to protect the bomber's rear. The Caproni's rear gun cage provides 180° traversal of the rear view of the plane, elevated above wing level. The twin-boom design of the fuselage also allows the rear gunner to engage attackers below the plane. The third seat is assigned to a nose gunner for attacking ground targets.

The plane's low power-to-weight ratio and low manoeuvrability can make it difficult to recover if parts are damaged or if speed falls below the stall speed. Its wide wingspan also makes it perilous to manoeuvre at low altitude or around tall terrain.


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