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A G36C Carbine in reality.

A Carbine is a shortened firearm designed for use by high-mobility and mounted troops that do not require full-sized rifles. When cavalry was still in widespread use, the carbine offered a form factor more easily managed on horseback than full-sized muskets or rifles. In the modern age, there is a trend towards arming infantry with carbines to balance firepower with portability.

The smaller size and lighter weight of carbines makes them easier to handle in close-quarter situations such as urban engagements, when deploying from military vehicles, or in any situation where space is confined. The disadvantages of carbines relative to assault rifles include inferior long-range accuracy and a shorter effective range due to their shorter barrel. Larger than a submachine gun, they are harder to maneuver in tight encounters where superior range and stopping power at distance are not great considerations.

Modern carbines generally utilize the same intermediate-caliber ammunition as assault rifles, giving them the advantage of standardization over PDWs that may use proprietary cartridges, and range over submachine guns that often use pistol ammunition.

A special class of carbines is the pistol-caliber carbine (PCC). Using the same cartridges as pistols or revolvers, these weapons often feature long barrels, shoulder stocks, and extended magazines, giving them better velocity and accuracy than normal pistols while still retaining the maneuverability.



  • More compact and lighter than an assault rifle, granting increased mobility
  • Have some degree of stopping power
  • Many attachments available



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In Battlefield 1, carbines are a specific variant for scout rifles. The variant modifies the model of the base weapon into a carbine variant of the rifle, and adds other accessories and modified properties.

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