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"A Homage to a Classic Game Mode, Battlefield 2142 and Titan mode veterans will feel right at home with Carrier Assault."

— Gustav Halling


Carrier Assault Medal.

Carrier Assault is a gamemode featured in the Battlefield 4: Naval Strike expansion. It is a re-imagined variant of the Titan game mode from Battlefield 2142.

Phases of Gameplay[]

Phase 1[]

Players start out at their respective carriers where they must then capture missile launchers scattered throughout a map. There are a total of three flags in the small variant and five flags in the large variant, similar to Conquest small and Conquest large. Once captured, the launchers will periodically damage the opposing team's carrier. The missiles hitting the enemy carrier deal 1 percent (1 hit point) of the starting health and the launchers shoot in intervals of 15 seconds.

Once a carrier has sustained 50% damage, a message "PREPARE FOR BOARDING" will appear. In around half a minute, its hull will be blown open allowing for the opportunity to board it and destroy it. This will also reset its health bar to the second phase and highlight M-COM A.

Alternatively, players may choose not to board the opposing carrier as the missile launchers will still periodically damage it until it is destroyed.

Phase 2[]

After the hull of a carrier has been blown open, players may board either by driving a boat or flying a helicopter to the carrier and climbing aboard, or by paradropping onto it from spawn points above.

Once on board, players must then destroy two M-COM stations situated on opposite ends of the carrier. The inside of the carriers consists of a maze of corridors similar to those of the USS Valkyrie in the campaign. The first M-COM is found in the hangar bay of the carrier. Aside from numerous objects that provide cover in the hangar, there is also a walkway that provides an overview of the hangar.

Once the first M-COM is destroyed, the doors to the engine room of the carrier where the second M-COM is found will open up soon after. After both M-COMs have been destroyed, the round will end with the losing team's carrier exploding in the background.



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Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
The Big Leagues The Big Leagues
  • 1 Round of Carrier Assault
20G Bronze


  • The models of the carriers are not true aircraft carriers, but amphibious assault ships.
  • There is a Large variant of Carrier Assault, just like Conquest.
  • On a server with too few players to start, completing the objectives which would normally end the game instead allow the carrier to continue taking damage until its model glitches, and launched missiles will fly in endless circles in an attempt to hit their target.
  • Occasionally, such as when a carrier reaches 50% health, a missile will not deal damage to its target carrier.