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"Now, you said that Neltz was talking about a deal with Stoddard? ...Well, I need you to go back to Neltz's office and get me something I can take to Internal Affairs."

Captain Dawes

Case Closed is the fourth episode of the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield Hardline. Nick and Khai begin to suspect corruption in the police force, and race to complete their investigation. [1]


Nick is told that taking the money was a 'test' by Captain Dawes, who wanted to see if he could be trusted. Stoddard is still a dirty cop on the vice squad and becomes a personal enemy to Nick afterwards. Captain Dawes assigns Nick and Khai to find any evidence on Stoddard's deal at Neltz's warehouse. There, Mendoza finds evidence in a secret safe and a voice recorder of the deal.

Khai drives Nick to the location found by the Tamu-Tamu toys, and is Stoddard's location. Nick goes there as Khai follows a van across the other side of Miami. Getting in, Nick sees a meeting with Stoddard and Neltz's henchman, telling them he's their boss and discuss of Neltz's missing money.

Nick tries to apprehend Stoddard, but is forced to work with him to escape the basement, and must use him to help Khai. Going in the interceptor, the duo defeat or arrest criminals and save Khai. The trio meet with Dawes, evading debris from the hurricane.

Nick apprehends Stoddard, but is stopped by Dawes. Mendoza and gives the Captain the recording of the deal. The Captain speaks, and destroys the recorder, revealing his true colors. Stoddard thanks Nick for saving his life, saying it's "beyond". Ready to assault Stoddard, Khai stops Nick by pointing her pistol, revealing the three are corrupted cops.

Shocked by the betrayal, Khai reveals that the money was the main problem. Dawes tells him they tried to bring him into "their tribe", but failed. Dawes rants to Nick that he was "convinced that he was one of the good guys", but told him there "no such thing, son". Stoddard handcuffs him, as Nick is left blinded by rage of the betrayal.

Related Achievements and TrophiesEdit

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type Information
Good Guys Good Guys Complete Episode 4: Case Closed 20 Bronze
True Dectective True Detective Complete 3 case files in Singleplayer 25 Silver Awarded with the completion of both the The Elmore Hotel Investigation and Internal Affairs case files (assuming the player has collected all the evidence so far).


  • Case Closed is the final mission in the game that Mendoza is clean-shaven.


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