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"Now, you said that Neltz was talking about a deal with Stoddard? ...Well, I need you to go back to Neltz's office and get me something I can take to Internal Affairs."

Captain Dawes

Case Closed is the fourth episode of the single-player campaign of Battlefield Hardline. In the middle of a hurricane, Nick and Khai race to find solid proof of police corruption that they can bring to Captain Dawes and then Internal Affairs. [1]


Nick is told that being offered the dirty money in the previous episode was a 'test' by Captain Dawes, who wanted to see if he could be trusted in the fight against police corruption. Captain Dawes orders Nick and Khai to return to Neltz's warehouse to try and find any firm evidence of Stoddard's corruption and dealings with Nelt . The duo head to the warehouse, where Mendoza finds a hidden safe containing a voice recorder with a tape made by Neltz, recording Stoddard and his agreeing a deal.

Nick pockets the voice recorder, and Khai then discovers a shipping container full of Tamu-Tamu toys, only stocked at one shop in Miami, in Palm Court Mall. They still have not found Neltz's cash from the Hot Shot operation, and Khai suggests Neltz is storing his money not in the mall shop, but in the warehouse supplying it.

Khai drives Nick to the address of this supplying warehouse. Nick goes into the warehouse as Khai follows a suspicious van leaving the warehouse to the other side of Miami. Getting into the warehouse, Nick sees a meeting between Stoddard and Neltz's henchman, as Stoddard tells the henchmen that he's their new boss and questions them as to where Neltz's missing money is. Nick heads down into the basement of the warehouse, and discovers that it is a weed farm.

Nick tries to apprehend Stoddard (who he discovers has just shot the leader of the henchmen), but is forced to work with him to escape the basement from the attacking criminal. Once outside, he tries to arrest Stoddard, but Khai radios him for urgent assistance from the Palm Court Mall, and so Nick is forced to let Stoddard assist him in helping Khai. Going in the interceptor, the duo defeat or arrest criminals in the mall, and save Khai. The trio evade debris from the hurricane as the shopping mall is torn apart by it, and subsequently meet with Dawes.

Nick begins to arrest Stoddard, but is stopped by Dawes. Mendoza gives the Captain the recording of the deal. The Captain thanks him for it, and then destroys the recorder, revealing him to be one of the corrupt cops. Stoddard then sarcastically thanks Nick for saving his life. Ready to assault Stoddard, Khai stops Nick by pointing her gun at him, revealing her to be corrupt too.

Dawes tells Nick that Internal Affairs has received a ripoff that Nick is corrupt, and that when they raid his apartment they will discover $33,000 in cash there, which was the exact sum that Neltz last transferred to the unknown corrupt cop; thereby framing Nick for the entire corruption scandal. Khai asks why Nick didn't just take the money offered to him in the previous episode by Stoddard, before Dawes tells Nick that Khai tried on several occasions to help him.

Dawes tells him they tried to bring him into "their tribe", but failed. Dawes rants to Nick that he was "convinced that he was one of the good guys", but in fact there is "no such thing, son". Stoddard handcuffs him, as Nick is left blinded by rage at the betrayal.

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type Information
Good Guys Good Guys Complete Episode 4: Case Closed 20 Bronze Trophy
True Dectective True Detective Complete 3 case files in Singleplayer 25 Silver Trophy Awarded with the completion of both the The Elmore Hotel Investigation and Internal Affairs case files (assuming the player has collected all the evidence so far).


  • Case Closed is the final mission in the game that Mendoza is clean-shaven.
  • The DLC map Black Friday is based on the mall in this episode.
  • The multiplayer map Growhouse is based on the Tamu Tamu warehouse in this episode.
  • One of the stores in the mall is called Sweetwater, which is a reference to Terrence Sweetwater, a main character in Bad Company.
  • Another mall store is called Ishimura, a reference to the spaceship in the Dead Space series also developed by Visceral Games.
  • Another mall store mentioned on the mall map is called Ellie Langford, a reference to the Dead Space series also developed by Visceral Games.
  • A store in the mall is called "Captain Monkey Pants". This is a reference to Ian Milham, the game's creative director, who goes by the moniker "Monkey Pants" online. There is a similarly named store on Downtown.
  • Another mall store is the Cherneykina Gallery, a reference to Inna Cherneykina, who worked on the Battlefield Hardline art team.
  • The mall features a store known as "Hot Wire", referencing the Hotwire gamemode.
  • There is a mall store called Ignaciotron, a reference to Dino Ignacio, the UI director of Battlefield Hardline.
  • There is a mall advertisement for an underwear company called Black Marker, a reference to a character in the Dead Space series also developed by Visceral Games.
  • There is a mall poster promoting a film called One Shot, which is developed by Visceral Games, and various cast ad production members credited on it were real-life production members and artists working on Battlefield Hardline.
  • Another mall movie poster is for Bats, directed by Jens Holdener. Holdener was one of Hardline's concept artists.
  • Outside the mall at the bus stop is an advertisement for a clothing brand called O+K, a reference to Patrick O'Keefe, one of the concept artists for Battlefield Hardline, who goes by the online moniker of "The OK Artist".



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