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The '''''Titan''-class''' airborne carrier of the future is a massive, gravity-defying vessel used for transporting armies and the supplies to sustain them.
The Titan also carries an impressive fleet of air vehicles, as well as [[Assault Pod]] launchers for securing ground positions. Featured weapon systems include ground-facing '''perimeter cannons''' and '''anti-aircraft cannons'''.
A nuclear reactor powers the Titan as it drifts above the battlefield. The Titan is protected by a shield envelope that instantly vaporizes material not authorized for transport. High-powered [[Strategic object|Infantry Defense Shields]] provide crucial backup protection should the shield be compromised.
Ground-based [[Control point|missile silos]] may be the only way to counter the military threat posed by a Titan. Battles over these installations may prove to be the key to winning wars of the future
[[Category:Air Vehicles]]
[[Category:Air Vehicles]]

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