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Chain Link is a variant of the Conquest gamemode introduced in the Dragon's Teeth expansion of Battlefield 4. The gamemode is similar to Conquest Small but with a focus on infantry combat.


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Matches start off with both teams having an uncap and no owned flags. Unlike regular variations of Conquest, players must Link adjacent capture points to cause the opposing team's tickets to bleed. Teams immediately begin bleeding tickets as soon as the enemy creates a Link, it will only stop if the enemy has no active Links. The more Links between points a team has created, the faster the enemy will bleed tickets. Links can be broken by capturing a connected point.

Flags are captured faster than in standard Conquest, similar to the capture speed in Domination and Scavenger. Few, if any, vehicles on spawn on the map, and those that do are limited to Transport Vehicles. A time limit is set by default, and the team who manages to bleed the other team completely of their tickets or has the most tickets left at the end of the round wins the match.



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Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Link Repeater Link Repeater Win 2 rounds of Chain Link. 20G Bronze