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"You have no idea who you brought out of Shanghai, do you?"

— Chang to Irish in the prison

Admiral Chang Wei (Chinese: 张伟) is the main antagonist of Battlefield 4 and Countdown To War.


Chang is a high-ranking admiral in the Chinese military who planned to overthrow the current Chinese government. He orders the assassination of Jin Jié, the future leader and voice for peace and progress in China. Despite failing, Chang was able to implicate the United States for Jié's death and cancels elections whilst declaring martial law. This, in turn, causes both US and Russian navies to station themselves off the coast of China as civil unrest increases, and protests begin in Shanghai.[1]


  • Chang's suit is the same one as that seen on agent Kovic.
  • Despite being mentioned quite often during the campaign, he is only seen twice:
    • During his televised speech about Jin Jié's assassination, projected on the Zhi Yu Tower TV screen façade.
    • While overseeing Recker's and Irish's interrogations, he learns that Jin Jié is still alive and aboard the USS Valkyrie. 
  • Whether by coincidence or not, Chang, in both the game and novel, appears only once during the protagonists' interrogation and torture scene.
  • Unlike other Chinese characters in Battlefield 4, Chang's name uses the Wade-Giles system of romanization instead of the Pinyin system. Chang Wei would be romanized as Zhāng Wěi in pinyin.