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Charms are a customization option featured in Battlefield 2042. Once unlocked, they are displayed on a player's weapon. Charms are available in two rarities: Rare and Epic.

Image Name Criteria
Floor It Charm.png Floor It Level 33
Death Egg Charm.png Death Egg Level 45
What Rhymes with Hovercraft Charm.png What Rhymes with Hovercraft Level 54
CGF42 Charm.png CGF42 Level 66
Cap'em Charm.jpeg Cap'em EA Play Reward
Lumber Enthusiast Charm.jpeg Lumber Enthusiast Pre-Season Week 4 Reward
True North Charm.jpeg True North
Lucky Break Charm.jpeg Lucky Break Pre-Season Week 7 Reward
Ride'em Crab Boy Charm.jpeg Ride'em Crab Boy
Vitruvian Gnome Charm.jpeg Vitruvian Gnome
Close Shave Charm.jpeg Close Shave
No-Pat Charm.jpeg No-Pat
Clicking Heads Charm.jpeg Clicking Heads
1UP Charm.jpeg 1UP
Trusted Advisor Charm.png Trusted Advisor Level 70
Shot to Hell Charm.png Shot to Hell Level 80
Parting Gift Charm.png Parting Gift Level 90
BF2042 Mr Chompy Charm.jpeg Mr. Chompy Pre-Order Bonus
Shoot Me Now Charm.jpeg Shoot Me Now
Smooth Operator Charm.jpeg Smooth Operator
God of Mischief Charm.jpeg God of Mischief
Electronic Artist Charm.jpeg Electronic Artist
The Old One Charm.jpeg The Old One