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Charms are customization options featured in Battlefield V and were introduced in the 2020 Summer Update. Once unlocked, they allow players to display them on their weapons through The Company

BFV Stopped Clock Charm.PNG Stopped Clock BFV Bad Company Charm.jpeg Bad Company
BFV Stinger Charm.jpeg Stinger BFV Scissors Charm.jpeg Scissors
BFV Dragon Pendant Charm.jpeg Dragon Pendant BFV Cash Roll Charm.jpeg Cash Roll
BFV Razorblade Charm.jpeg Razorblade BFV Jeweled Egg Charm.jpeg Jeweled Egg
BFV Pocket Knife Charm.jpeg Pocket Knife BFV Golden Nugget Charm.jpeg Golden Nugget
BFV Bottle Opener Charm.jpeg Bottle Opener BFV Can Opener Charm.jpeg Can Opener
BFV Tally Counter Charm.jpeg Tally Counter BFV Home Sweet Home Charm.jpeg Home Sweet Home
BFV Holiday Tree Charm.jpeg Holiday Tree BFV Paracord Charm.jpeg Paracord
BFV Kolibri Charm.jpeg Kolibri BFV Locket Charm.jpeg Locket
BFV Heart Pendant Charm.jpeg Heart Pendant BFV Lighter Charm.jpeg Lighter
BFV Fishing Lure Charm.jpeg Fishing Lure BFV Fossil Charm.jpeg Fossil
BFV Dog Tag 1 Charm.jpeg Dog Tag 1 BFV Dog Tag 2 Charm.jpeg Dog Tag 2
BFV Dog Tag 3 Charm.jpeg Dog Tag 3 File:BFV Dog Tag 4 Charm.jpeg Dog Tag 4
BFV Dog Tag 5 Charm.jpeg Dog Tag 5 BFV Dog Tag 6 Charm.jpeg Dog Tag 6


  • The feature was originally set to be introduced in the cancelled 5v5 Gamemode.