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"That's Leo Ray, a.k.a. "Sting Ray". Cartel wholesaler. He called my office yesterday. Says he has information on the drug war that's plaguing Miami."

Captain Dawes

Checking Out is the second episode of the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield Hardline. Still recovering from their last assignment, Nick and Khai begin looking for who has been attacking the local underground.[1]


Still recovering on their last assignment, Captain Dawes assigns Dao and Mendoza to bring in Leo "Stingray" Ray on what he knows. Going to the location, Khai orders Nick to stay by the interceptor. Leo refuses to go with them, asking for Dawes and insults Khai, then prepares to leave.

Khai tries to take Leo's bag, but ends up starting a draw between the two factions. During the draw, unidentified henchman attack as Leo runs away in his car. Nick and Khai defeat the attacking criminals, then Nick pursues after Leo as Khai finds an alternative route. Chasing him across a shopping center, Nick defeats or arrest criminals and locates him with Khai.

Khai is seen attacking Leo physically, knocking him with an trash can as Nick stands in shock. Nick intervenes and stops her, reminding her they have half of the criminals on their tail. Khai helps Leo as Nick takes his bag. After defeating more criminals, Nick drives them to Dawes' location.

Afterward, Dawes becomes furious of Leo's condition and asks what happened. Nick lies and says that Leo didn't buckle in during the drive, the Captain then asks Mendoza if he will say this, with Nick agreeing. Left befuddled, Nick ask what he just did, Khai replies that he covered for her, and says that Dawes wanted him on the same page - to find out who did this.

Related Achievements and TrophiesEdit

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type Information
Bumpy Ride Bumpy Ride Complete Episode 2: Checking Out 20 Bronze


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