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Chen (Chinese: ) is a Chinese civilian woman resistant to Chang's martial law over Shanghai featured in the Battlefield 4 campaign. She assists Tombstone squad in telling them of a ferry that would take them out to the USS Valkyrie.


Nothing is known of Chen's past, other than that she has a daughter and is against Chang's militaristic rule. She can be seen boarding the civilian boat with Tombstone at the end of Shanghai. She was presumably among the 396 refugees on the Valkyrie. Her fate is ultimately unknown, as the USS Valkyrie was attacked twice after she came on board after Shanghai.


  • Despite her daughter being on the USS Valkyrie in South China Sea, Chen herself is nowhere to be found.
  • The woman that Irish nearly ran over at the beginning of Shanghai looks strikingly similar to Chen.
  • Like several other characters of Battlefield 4, her name is only revealed through subtitles.