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"Thirty-four minutes... I've been asleep for thirty four minutes. Drinking a vanilla milkshake."

— Matkovic, after waking up at the start of Rock and a Hard Place.

Private First Class Christian Matkovic is a character featured in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield 3. He was first seen in the Fault Line and Operation Guillotine trailers.


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"We can avert war between our nations. Just two of us.
No politicians, no money changing hands.
Just two soldiers speaking the truth."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield 3.

Matkovic is a US Marine Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician attached to Misfit 1-3. He appears in all missions involving the squad except Uprising.

As the explosive specialist of the squad, Makovic is responsible for defusing the secondary IEDs discovered in the wreckage of Viper Squad's HMMWV during Operation Swordbreaker. In the attack on Tehran, he and Henry Blackburn are tasked with infiltrating the bank turned PLR headquarters. In the bank's basement, he blows the lock on the outer gate to the vault, as well as retrieving CCTV footage of Faruk Al-Bashir and Solomon from the bank's security system.

Matkovic is killed, along with Sergeant Steve Campo, by a Russian Su-25 in the Araz Valley, northwestern Iran.


Matkovic is shown to be a resourceful and quick thinker, with a particular aptitude for physical problem solving. He had the idea of using an M136 AT4 to take out an enemy sniper in a distant building, crossing two buildings with a plank, and getting inside the Tehran bank undetected by going in using the fire escape and top floor bathroom window. He also seems to be less tightly wound than squadmate Montes, even falling asleep in the truck on the way to assaulting Amir Kaffarov's villa.

Despite his seemingly ad hoc assignment, Matkovic is an accepted part of Misfit squad, and is the recipient of several affectionate nicknames, namely "boy scout" and "dream warrior", from Montes. It is possible he and Blackburn are friends, as he shows concern for Blackburn and helps him to his feet after the T-90 attack in Operation Guillotine. Likewise, Blackburn is first to check his body in Rock and a Hard Place.


  • Matkovic is always seen with an AT4 Rocket Launcher on his back, but never uses it himself. In one instance, he passes the AT4 to Blackburn while trying to eliminate an enemy sniper in the mission Operation Swordbreaker.
  • Matkovic wears Paratrooper (MultiCam) patterned fatigues in contrast to the rest of the squad's MARPAT Desert. In the Fault Line Gameplay Trailer, however, Matkovic also wears MARPAT.
    • Matkovic has a different appearance in the mission Fear No Evil and Night Shift, as he is wears a MARPAT uniform with sunglasses. In the latter, he is seen with an M240B machine gun.
  • Matkovic's voice actor, William Meredith, returns in Battlefield 4 as a radio voice in multiplayer. He can only be heard when receiving news, never as the player's outgoing voice.