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For other civilian vehicles, see Civilian Automobiles.
800px-Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z-4

The Chevrolet Camaro that the civilian car is loosely based on. (Battlefield 2: Modern Combat)

The Civilian Car is a vehicle that appears in Battlefield 2: Special Forces and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Both games use different models, with the Special Forces car based upon a Range Rover Classic and the Modern Combat version based somewhat upon the third generation Chevrolet Camaro.

Battlefield 2[]

BF1 Trash Cut content
The subject of this article, Civilian Car, has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.

In Battlefield 2, two kinds of Civilian Cars appear in the files but are currently unused.

BF2 Civilian Car 1

civiliancar1 obtained in a map by editing an object spawner.

A blue car, identified in the code as civiliancar1, appears as a static object, but is not known to be on any map. Its files indicate that it was intended to be implemented as a usable vehicle, as it has a kill message of "CIVILIAN CAR", an intended minimap icon that uses the icon for light jeeps (but does not show on the map), a spotted message, and a wreck model. Currently, pressing the "enter" button (default E) on this vehicle has no effect, as it is treated as a static object.

BF2 Civilian Car 2

civiliancar2 obtained in a map by editing an object spawner.

A white pickup truck, identified in the code as civiliancar2, is treated as a usable vehicle, but currently, pressing "enter" on it will crash the game. It also has a kill message of "CIVILIAN CAR", uses the light jeep minimap icon (and shows on the map, unlike civiliancar1), and has a spotted message, in addition to 6 wreck models. The wreck models are present on some maps as static objects.

civiliancar2 is not to be confused with the Pickup Truck of Battlefield 2: Special Forces.

Special Forces[]

"Don't settle for walking. Get to the action in a hurry by commandeering a civilian car. In times of war, some laws are bound to be broken."

— Instruction Manual Description

In Battlefield 2: Special Forces, the Civilian Car (not to be confused with the cut civiliancar1 from above) is a light vehicle used by Rebels, Russian Spetsnaz, MEC SF and US Navy SEALS. It holds two players: one as a driver, and one using their weapon on the sunroof. It lacks any mounted weapons, has a low amount of health and drives moderately fast. These traits favor it to be used as a transport to get quickly around the map.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[]

In Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the Car only makes an appearance on the multiplayer map Backstab. It can be found scattered about the city at various control points.

The vehicle is best used as a transport vehicle, although a passenger located in the sunroof can use whatever kit weapons they have, meaning the car can be used as an improvised hit and run vehicle with some coordination against enemy armor. However, the car has very weak armor, not being optimized for military use, and will succumb to enemy fire quickly if the driver is not careful and exposes the vehicle to armor.