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Class Archetypes

Class Archetypes was a system planned to be introduced into Battlefield V. Under this system, the four core classes of Assault, Medic, Support and Recon were divided into selectable subclasses or "archetypes" which allowed for further class specialization. The original concept of Class Archetypes was dropped during development in favor of the Combat Role system.[1]


Compared to the setup of Combat Roles seen in the retail version of Battlefield V, Class Archetypes were more numerous and considerably more niche. Like Combat Roles each archetype had a number of "Perks" that provided specific bonuses, however they also came with limitations that affected which primary weapons, secondary weapons and gadgets could be equipped. They also had distinct statistical attributes, with archetypes rated on a five point system for their agility, health regeneration, blast reduction and suppression sensitivity. Each class had a single "base" archetype unlocked by default, and would unlock "exotic" archetypes as they improved their class rank.

Some perks (renamed as traits) as well as whole archetypes were transferred over to the Combat Role system, which was officially announced as replacing archetypes on August 21st 2018.[2]

List of Archetypes[]


Name Description Perk Weapons Gadgets
Light Infantry Assault the objective and don't abort when you run into resistance, thanks to your superior physique and the uncanny ability to find more ammo on dead enemies.

You find more ammo on fallen soldiers.

  • Assault Rifles
  • Semi-Auto Rifles
Grenadier Versatile assault kit optimal behind enemy lines. Enough explosives to take out any target. BATTLE HARDENED -
Regenerates a larger amount of health than other Class Archetypes.
  • Assault Rifles
  • SMGs
Anti-Tank Anti-Tank doesn't have any primary weapons. Instead it has rocket launchers, find a tank and blow it up.
  • No Primary Weapons
  • Carbines
  • Machine Pistols
Rifleman Rifleman have access to Semi Autos. It is specialized for mid range combat.
  • Semi-Auto Rifles


Name Description Trait Weapons Gadgets
Field Surgeon All round medic, keep your squad alive and lead your team towards victory.
  • Semi-Auto Rifles
Combat Medic Offensive medic, Have access to SMGs, Fire grenade, health buff syrette and bandages.
  • SMGs
Field Medic A crucial squad member, the Field Medic can engage enemies with confidence, but thrives on healing and reviving teammates to keep them in the fight.
  • SMGs


Name Description Trait Weapons Gadgets
Engineer An excellent defender, the Support Engineer can lay down heavy fire as well as repair vehicles and quickly build Fortifications and heavy weapons. FORTIFICATIONS EXPERT -
Builds Fortifications faster and can construct heavy weapons installations.
  • LMGs
  • Shotguns
Machine Gunner Make it rain with this heavy support. Lay down suppressive fire to lead your squad behind enemy lines. FOCUSED FIRE -
Fully suppressed enemies are spotted for your team.
  • MMGs


Name Description Trait Weapons Gadgets
Recon Mid Range recon. Great at spotting enemies and gather intelligence for it's teammates.
  • Self-Loading Rifles
Paratrooper A stealthy, short range, behind enemy-lines gameplay exotic archetype. Kills silently, using suppressed SMGs and silent gadgets. SILENT FOOTSTEPS -
The sound of your footsteps is reduced.

Melee takedowns with the Garotte spots nearby enemies.

  • Suppressed SMGs
  • Suppressed Handguns
Sniper The Sniper is trained to engage with high precision from a distance, and is well versed in tracking enemy targets and relaying intel to teammates.
  • Bolt-Acton Rifles
  • Self-Loading Rifles