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Battlefield 1[]

"Offensive and suited for close to medium range combat, this version has the ability to support friendly infantry as well as the ability to restore mobility fast."

— In-game description

The Close Support Package is the default vehicle package available for the FT-17 in Battlefield 1. It most closely resembles the "Char Canon" loadout for French FT-17s deployed during World War I.

It provides the driver with a 37mm Cannon equipped with high explosive ammunition. The HE shells are considered mid-range to the weapons available in other packages—the 20mm autocannon and the 75mm howitzer—in all comparisons. It inflicts less damage than the cannons on other tanks, but remains competitive.

A coaxial light machine gun supplements the cannon for anti-infantry use.

The Close Support tank can struggle against numerous and distant foes, as the damage dealt by 37mm cannon on distant infantry appears to be lower. Emergency Track Repair allows the driver to escape from one instance of immobility. No other defensive measures are available.

This tank package is well suited to advances alongside infantry, using HE shells to ease mobility and expose covered targets, suppressing with the LMG, and the ability to Drop Supplies.


  • The May Update increased rack ammunition from 4 to 5 shells and the canister shells replaced by a machine-gun
  • In reality, the original model of the FT-17 were only equipped with cannon or a machine-gun, not both.