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Paratrooper Costum 1

Royal Paratrooper Bundle

Clothing are cosmetic items equip-able by all heroes. Some can be purchased for set amount of time with Valor Points, but most are restricted to Play4Free Funds for longer amounts of time and purchased permanently. Initially Battlefield Heroes intended to garner all its profit from the micro-transaction of such items, but this has changed since Christmas 2009.

Clothing gives the player no tactical advantage, but merely expands on the light-hearted flair and overall enjoyment of the game, as well as giving the player a more customizable experience. Clothing sets are generally themed towards the two Factions. Villainous themes for Nationals, Heroic themes for Royals.

Below is listed all the clothing and fashion items that have ever been available in the game client. This includes special outfits which are bought out on a regular basis, rare promotion items and even unreleased items.


Bundles tend to either have a set group of items with a common naming, but some come up with random, reused or individual items.

Theme Royal National
Holiday Outfits Royal Rancher Teutonic Tourist
Martial Arts & Pirate Martial Arts Pirate
Crusaders Templar Black Knight
Ninja Suits Nigel's Ninja Black Ninja
Michael Jackson Smooth Set Thuggin' Set
Undead Heroes Zed's Dead Screamin Skeleton
SWAT Eli's Elite Edgar's Elite
Paratrooper Royal Paratrooper National Paratrooper
Honor Suits Honor Guard Honor Protector
Mountaineer Cliffhanger Alpiner
Moonlight Heroes Grim's Varg Nicolai's Nocturnal
Flyday Heroes Aviator Ace
Valentine's Day Romeo's Blues Valentin's Red
Bad Company Haggard's Heroic Kirilenko's Krafty
Rocket Suits Rippin' Rocket
Sydney's Skyranger
Thor's Turbojet
Steiner's Stratospheric
Desert Outfit Legionnair Desert Fox
Action Heroes Burly Bruce Savage Sly
Tier 1 Tier 1 Elite
Tier 1 Operative
Specialist Tier 1
Captain Tier 1
Formal Dress Donald's Dress-White Fritz's Formal
Ghost OPS VC Hunter GOS Dark Ops
Santa Suits Santa's Holiday Nikolaus' Wintry
Dead Space Titan Security CEC Advanced
Punk Heroes Leet Hero
Punk Girl
Hell Trooper
Black Widow
Easter Casey Rabbit Bunny Darko
Buccaneers Jack's Swashbuckler Blackbeard's Buccaneer
Superheroes Captain Royal Metallo
Wizards Frost
Savage Heroes Cruel Barbarian Brutal Ravager
Egyptians Slave Mummy
Pharaoh Mummy
Anubis Servant
Anubis' God
Heroes of the Rising Sun Bushido Samurai
Swim Suits Royal Swim Suit National Swim Suit
Wasteland Heroes Road Ranger Track Hunter
Scientists Inventor Dr Doktor
Robots Brass-Bender
Brass-Bender Mark II
Destroyer Drone
Destroyer Drone Mark II
Astronauts Astronaut
Space Pioneers Stargazer's Set Dizzy Dave's Set
Space Gear Space Explorer Space Seeker
Desperados Long-shot McGee
El Hermoso
Black Jack Bill
Navaja Roja
Luchadores El Diablo El Nacho
Knights Dire Wolf Knight Lion Knight
Squires Dire Wolf Squire Lion Squire
Runners Royal Treck Set National Treck Set
Boxers Royal Boxer National Boxer
Tennis Players Royal Tennis Set National Tennis Set
Russians Russian Misha Russian Ivan
Need For Speed Racers Royal NFS Racer National NFS Racer
Patricians Royal Patrician National Patrician
Agents Agent Cobb
Sam the Private Eye
Agent Eks
Jimmy the Bootlegger
Veterans Veteran sets Veteran sets
Demons Wicked Valac
Demon of Chaos
Torment Torgoth
Demon of Darkness
Pumpkin and Skeleton Twisted Ichabod Skeletal Reaper
Punk Heroes 2 Hoaxer
Hell Gawd
Snowboarders Snow Surfer Slope Hunter
Robots 2 Maximus' Mech Primus' Uberdroid
Aliens Otherworldly (Mutant) Set Xenophrenic's (Psionic) Set
Irishmen Leprechaun Patrick
Bikers Top Dog Ulrich
Steampunk Heroes Abe's Masterwork Clint's Clockwork
Aristocrats Blue Blood Upper Cruster
Monsters Royal Monster National Monster
Monster Slayers Shade Hunter Occult Assassin
Civil War Corporal North
Major North
Corporal South
Major South
Hip-Hoppers MC Ferocious Mic Mastah Icebreaker
Warfare Ninjas Shadow Wolf Crimson Naga
Spooky Grimaldi's Hysterical Mr. Rag's Weathered
Easter Alternate Deranged Casey Demented Darko
Arctic Theo's Thermal Set Seb's Survivalist Set
Native Brave Slinky's Set Chieftain Bahto's Set
Easter Enemies Plucky Pete Ricky Rooster
Cult Leaders Kthalhu Yag-Soguth

Lastest outfits collection by arbelyjon: Forum Thread

Stand alone outfitsEdit

Those outfits had their own special promotion, but no according counterpart.

Theme Royal National
Barbarian Grondolf's Barbarian Missing
Legend of Zelda Linkin Missing
Developer Set Joacim's Stainless Set Missing

Fashion Victim AwardsEdit

The fabolous and amazing fashion victim awards are elected or selected sets from community suggested oufits, requiring a certain amount of specific items.

Main article: Fashion Victim Awards
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