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Coastal Clash is a map featured in Battlefield Heroes and was released in June 2009.


Coastal Clash is a conquest map with four capture points. The map's main center of conflict is the area between the flags of Lookout and Windmill. A new version of the map was released to coincide with the Battlefield Heroes Event, "Vampires vs. Werewolves". Many Royals will drive a car to the area above Lookout to shoot Nationals trying to capture the flag. The night version featured added sound effects such as wolves howling, etc. depending where on the map the player is.






The National spawn point, "Cliffs," is surrounded by several cliff sniper points that can only be reached by double-jumping and Elixir. They don't have a large amount of cover and don't have much in the way of targets, but they have a high surprise factor and one of them has an extremely long, if narrow, view of windmill.

V2 VengeanceEdit

V2 Vengeance was released on August 3, 2011.

  • Day (1 Rocket): Same conditions as on Midnight Mayhem. Every team has 5 minutes at the start and need to capture the Windmill rocket. The walking ways are very long for HotH relations, so taking a Jeep might be good idea.
  • Night (2 Rockets): Double time for doubled rockets: 10:00 vs 10:00 minutes and every rockets drops your tickets by 1 per second as usual. Create a V2 Vengeance guide to collect more tactical information here.

Capture The FlagEdit

Available on the Public Test Environment, the gamemode was never made available to the vanilla version of the game.



  • Coastal Clash appears to be in based on the landscape of Holland.

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