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Collectible weapons are a feature seen in the singleplayer campaigns of Battlefield series.

Battlefield: Bad Company[]

Main article: Collectible Weapons/Battlefield: Bad Company

Battlefield: Bad Company is the first game in the Battlefield series to have this feature, though it is merely for show. Every time the player picks up a weapon that has never been used, a notice will pop up announcing that the player has collected a new weapon. Every weapon in the game (except the "Find-all-five!" weapons) is available to be collected in singleplayer. Collectibles do not include gadgets.

Generally, many weapons can be found on weapon crates and will be marked by a white 'X' on the map, although these boxes have gadgets with them sometimes (depending on the mission). This is the strategy to eventually collect them all, as most weapons are never used by enemies and can be often found in random off-course areas. However, in some cases, some of the rarest collectibles are carried by enemy soldiers (e.g. the M95).

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

Main article: Collectible Weapons/Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The collectible weapons feature differs in Bad Company 2 from its predecessor. It still works similarly: the player picks up a new weapon and the player gets a new collectible, but all the collectibles can then be accessed through supply drops. Collectibles also include weapons with different modifications, so the player can collect the same weapon twice, but with different optics, for example. Only eighteen weapons are available in singleplayer.

Battlefield 4[]

Main article: Collectible Weapons/Battlefield 4

Collectible weapons return in Battlefield 4, functioning in a similar manner to that of the Bad Company series. Each level of the singleplayer campaign holds a different number of collectible weapons with the entire campaign having twenty-five collectibles total.

Battlefield Hardline[]

Collectible Weapons are featured in Battlefield Hardline, functioning similar to the Battlefield 4 counterpart. Unlike past counterparts, however, each level does not feature a designated set of collectible weapons, though picking up the weapon of an enemy will unlock it for use in the singleplayer campaign. Other weapons are unlocked through the completion of specific Assignments.