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Combat Medic is a Codex Entry featured in Battlefield 1. It is unlocked by playing as the Medic kit for thirty minutes.



Combat Medic Codex Entry

Razor-sharp shrapnel, rocks and debris, explosives and bullets made sure that nearly no soldier who went over the top came back completely unharmed, and many collapsed in no man's land. Stretcher-bearers would carry the soldiers back to the trenches. Regimental medical officers, also known as combat medics were able to treat the wounded during the stress of battle.

In narrow trenches they tried to keep the soldier alive, all the while enduring artillery fire and the desperate screams of their patients. They stabilized the wounded as the battle raged and gave them shots against infections to help them live long enough to be transported out of the trenches and towards a dressing station. There they were examined, and if the case wasn't hopeless, an ambulance took them to a casualty clearing station behind the lines.

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