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Combat Roles (formerly Class Archetypes) is a new system introduced in Battlefield V. The system allows players to specialize each Class to a specific role. Each class will have two combat roles at launch with one equipped as default, and with more planned to be added as part of the Tides of War live service.



Image Name Description Traits Unlocked
Light Infantry Light Infantry soldiers are fearless battlefield scavengers and their peak physical condition make them more resilient than other combat roles.

You find more ammo on fallen soldiers.
Battle Hardened
You regain more health than other combat roles.

Unlocked by Default
Vehicle Buster Destroy vehicles to turn them into scrap to fuel your Requisition and allow you Squad Leader to send in more hardware.

Vehicle Painter
Damaging vehicles spots them for your team.
Vehicle Scrapper
You gain bonus Requisition when you destroy vehicles.

Unlock at Assault rank 8


Image Name Description Traits Unlocked
Field Medic You'll find the Field Medic in the thick of battle, aiding and reviving comrades in need. All Medic roles can REVIVE FRIENDS with the Syringe.

You gain additional Requisition for your squad by providing them bandages.
Swift Effort
You sprint faster when calling out to a downed friend in need of a medic.

Unlocked by Default
Combat Medic The Combat Medic is equally skilled at fighting the enemy and helping allies in need. All Medic roles can REVIVE FRIENDS with the Syringe.

Melee Expert
You have longer reach with melee weapons.
Emergency Retreat
You sprint faster when at critical health.

Unlock at Medic rank 8


Image Name Description Traits Unlocked
Engineer Both an expert mechanic and skilled with auxiliary weapons, any Support role can quickly REPAIR VEHICLES and BUILD STATIC WEAPONS.

Vehicle Fixer
You repair vehicles and build fortifications faster than other Support Class combat roles.
Heavy Weapons
Static and auxiliary vehicle weapons take longer to overheat when you fire them.

Unlocked by Default
Machine Gunner The Machine Gunner relies on suppressive fire to expose the enemy and keep them in check. All Support roles can REPAIR VEHICLES and BUILD STATIC WEAPONS.

Bullet Storm
You cause more recieve less suppression.
Focused Fire
Fully suppressed enemies are spotted for your team.

Unlock at Support rank 8


Image Name Description Traits Unlocked
Sniper Find the perfect spot to deploy your sniper rifle and harass the enemy from afar using your superior marksman skills.

Eagle Eyed
You spot enemies when you shoot them.
Expert Marksman
You can hold your breath for longer, and your hold breath duration is replenished with each headshot kill.

Unlocked by Default
Pathfinder Deep behind enemy lines, the Pathfinder swiftly identifies an ideal entry point for their squad and places a Spawn Beacon for them to converge on.

Advance Scouting
You can spawn next to Spawn Beacons outside of your own squad.
You gain additional Requisition when someone spawns on your Spawn Beacon.

Unlock at Recon rank 8