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"Engages enemies from a distance, forgoing reconnaissance in exchange for active combat"

— in-game description

Combat Sniper is a kit featured in Battlefield 1's Incursions in the Soldier categories.[1]


  • Role: Support
  • Description: Pin down enemies with a powerful sniper rifle while using your mortar's Proxy Capture alternate fire to capture points for you. Help take down vehicles with K-Bullets.
  • Range: Long
  • Skills: Mortar, K-Bullets, Proxy Capture


Specialization (Passive)

  • Proxy: Alternate mortar shell can be used to assist allies in capturing an objective.

Specialization (Rank 1)

Specialization (Rank 2)

  • Predator: When aiming down sight using primary weapon, enemy targets visible within the scoped FOV become highlighted.

Old Models[]