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Swedish CV9040

The Combat Vehicle 90 in real life.

The Combat Vehicle 90 (or CV90 for short) is a Swedish-built infantry fighting vehicle currently in use in much of Northern Europe. It is built by BAE Systems Hägglunds in Sweden and is armed with a 40mm Bofors autocannon. Export models feature either the 30mm Bushmaster II or 35mm Bushmaster III cannon, but all variants are armed with a secondary coaxial M1919 Browning machine gun.

The vehicle also typically mounts a second machine gun in a ring-mount system, allowing a secondary gunner to provide further infantry support. The armor of the CV90 can withstand up to 30mm rounds on newer variants, while the original could only withstand up to 14.5mm rounds.

Battlefield 2: Modern CombatEdit

In Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the Combat Vehicle 90 is seen only in the mission Air Traffic Control. The player is given at least two vehicles to assault the airfield after holding out against PLA tanks attacking their starting location. The player can use the vehicle to assault the airfield with ease and take out the pilots rushing to their WZ-9's before they take off. The vehicle has its main cannon with 1000 rounds and a secondary missile launcher in its gunner position with 50 missiles.

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A Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) from the PS2 version of BF2 Modern Combat.

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