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BFV Combined Arms

Combined Arms is a gamemode featured in Battlefield V and was introduced in the second Tides of War chapter, Lightning Strikes on February 13th, 2019.[1]

The mode allows up to four players to engage against AI enemies in surgical strikes on objectives. Combined Arms is intended to allow players to improve their experience with teamwork and become familiar with aspects of multiplayer.[2]


Combined Arms functions as a hybrid of the War Story and Multiplayer modes of Battlefield V, following a linear story-line with gameplay mechanics from both modes. Combined Arms pits players against AI controlled Bots as in the campaign, providing various scenarios and objectives to complete along the way. In order to complete levels, players must complete these objectives and prevent their squad from being wiped. The mode can be played either in solo or as a squad of up to four players. A matchmaking system was added on May 2nd, 2019.[3] Combined Arms has three difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Completing a level will reward players with one time payments of 500Company Coins Logo BFV, 1000Company Coins Logo BFV, and 1500Company Coins Logo BFV based on the difficulty respectively.

Gameplay in Combined Arms provides progression towards any unlocked assignments, daily orders, or Tides of War challenges. Experience points obtained from Tides of War assignments and challenges will only reward a small percentage of the experience points that would actually be awarded for completing them in multiplayer.

Upon starting a level, players are given the option to select one of the four multiplayer classes. From there, players can utilize any weapon, gadget, or cosmetic they have unlocked in The Company. Players only have one life in each level of Combined Arms, requiring adequate teamwork in order to succeed in harder difficulties. Like multiplayer, players obtain requisition points for killing enemies, which can be used to request unique Squad Reinforcements.

Mission Types[]

Combined Arms features four different objectives: assassinate, eliminate, destroy, and steal.

  • Assassinate - This objective requires players to kill 3 marked German Officers. While targets may be killed silently, they will call reinforcements to their location should they be alerted.
  • Eliminate - This objective requires players to kill all 20 enemies within an area.
  • Destroy - This objective requires players to destroy 3 enemy artillery guns.
  • Steal - This objective requires players to steal 3 classified enemy documents from the enemy. Once the documents have been successfully obtained, reinforcements will be called to the location.

Extraction Phase[]

Upon completion of one of the aforementioned objectives, players must then reach the extraction point on the map. After reaching the extraction point, players are then given 30 seconds to fortify their location. At the end of the 30 seconds, players are tasked to survive against an endless wave of enemies for the next three minutes. Should players manage to survive this countdown, the level will be successfully completed.


Title Image Description Objective Map
Bricks and Mortars BFV Bricks and Mortars The Germans have established an Artillery position in the village of Arras. The guns need to be destroyed. With the help of an armored vehicle you should be able to advance through the village, taking care of any enemy forces. Once accomplished, retreat and extract from the area. Destroy Arras
Hit List BFV Hit List After successfully infiltrating the German forces in the area by staging your own capture proceed to take out the German commanders of this heavily guarded outpost. If you succeed, proceed to the farmhouse past the church and make use of every asset available to you as you await your extraction. Assassinate Arras
Bridgehead Blockade BFV Bridgehead Blockade A German elite unit has set up a blockade across the river at the destroyed bridge. Intel shows two bunkers with machine gun installments covering both the left and right flank of the embankment. Neutralize the unit and move to the extraction point at the nearby farmhouse. Eliminate Twisted Steel
Riverside Guns BFV Riverside Guns The enemy has installed three artillery guns at an abandoned farmhouse close to the riverbank. The guns need to be destroyed as they are laying barrage on our advancing troops further inland. Once the guns are neutralized move back across the river for extraction. Destroy Twisted Steel
Desert Declarations BFV Desert Declarations A German paratroop unit has set up base in the old fortress ruins close to Hamada. Our intelligence tells us they have documents specifying German cargo transports of water and gasoline to their fighting units in the deep desert. Obtain these documents and extract from the area. Steal Hamada
Hot Pursuit BFV Hot Pursuit Take advantage of any German jeeps to make your way across the open landscape and eliminate the German forces encamped on the plateau overlooking the shoreline at Hamada. This is likely to draw a response so make haste to the extraction area. Eliminate Hamada
Market Sweep BFV Market Sweep An elite unit of German soldiers have established their base at the market close to the canal. They are effectively stopping any movement along our civilian evacuation routes in the area. Take out the unit and make sure no soldier is left standing. Extract by moving across the market and turn unto the boulevard just by the railway station. Eliminate Rotterdam
Harbor Headquarters BFV Harbor HQ The German Command in Rotterdam has established itself in the ruined buildings down at the harbor. Infiltrate the area and assassinate the German officers currently there. Your extraction point will be in the courtyard just beyond the fish market. Assassinate Rotterdam
Death from Above BFV Death from Above Germans have set up an Artillery position on the mountainside above Narvik effectively controlling all movement in the fjord below. Insert in the area and destroy the guns to relieve the allied forces advancing below. Extract from the mountain by any means necessary. Destroy Fjell 652
High Intelligence BFV High Intelligence A German Fallschirmjäger unit have taken control of a small village on top of a mountain overlooking the Narvik fjord. In their possession are documents describing times, dates and identifications of future German iron ore shipments leaving Narvik. Acquire the documents and extract with the intel. Steal Fjell 652
The Challenge BFV The Challenge In the abandoned ruins of the desert lies a place beyond our world. It's a nexus for our beliefs. Through whispers of generations it has stayed in our minds. Be it by the word of Nimrod, the grace of Enmerkar, or through the lyrics of modern man, the one path has been named. A great building, a stairway beyond the confines of the earth. Only united can we solve the mystery and challenge ourselves to reach the end of reality. But not all shall make it... N/A Hamada