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"I care only about complete domination, a world united under one rule. My rule."

— Commander 31 during his statement to NATO

Commander 31 is the true main antagonist featured in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. 31 is revealed to have caused the Kazakh Conflict in order to weaken both NATO and Chinese militarily, allowing him to defeat them and establish a new world order.


Commander 31 is the leader of the paramilitary group called The Burning Flag. Very little is known about him other than that he seeks world domination. He was revealed to have been engineering the Kazakh Conflict in order to weaken the strengths of both sides, spreading misinformation to fuel propaganda and force the PLA and the NATO task force into conflict. 31 also had his mercenaries directly intervene during the conflict to avoid any possible peaceful resolution, having them kill civilian negotiators, planting ordnance on NATO supply ships, and hijacking and rigging a cargo train with explosives.

Commander 31's deception was successful, leading either NATO or the PLA to eliminate the enemy's lieutenant colonel in the region depending on the player's decision during End Game, effectively destroying the opposing force's ability to continue fighting in Kazakhstan and forcing them into retreat. With one military superpower out of the way and the other weakened from the conflict, 31 then makes his move and takes over an ICBM launch facility in the region with his mercenaries. Announcing to the world that he must "destroy before [he] can rebuild", 31 prepares to fire three nuclear missiles at whichever faction is still active in Kazakhstan.

Left with no option, the remaining faction strikes the facility to stop the missiles from launching. Despite heavily fortifying the facility and employing tanks and gunships, The Burning Flag forces are beaten back and two of the launch sites are disabled. Commander 31 seals himself in the final launch control bunker in a last ditch effort to fire the remaining missile. Unable to breach the bunker, the attacking force instead destroys it with an airstrike, killing Commander 31 and ending the threat of The Burning Flag.