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In the Battlefield series, commander resources are abilities available to each team's Commander that support the team with intelligence, strike assets, and materiel.


Battlefield 2[]

Along with the Commander role, commander resources are introduced in Battlefield 2. The commander authorizes all use of resources, although squad leaders can request a specific asset via the Commo Rose. All resources have a separate cooldown timer, recharging at round's start and each use thereafter. Some resources have a delay before activating.

Each resource (aside from the Supply Drop and the Vehicle Drop) is tied to a specific strategic object that must be in operating condition in order for the resource to be used. Assets can be destroyed by the Special Forces kit's C4 and other explosives, and repaired with the Engineer's Wrench or supply drop. Supply drops are available at any time, but can be destroyed by weaponry.

Battlefield 2142[]

The use of commander resources is unchanged in Battlefield 2142, but the resources themselves are fittingly contemporary.

The various Conquest gamemodes offer the Orbital Strike. Titan gamemode offers the Move Titan command, if enabled on the server.

The Commander also has an EMP Strike available, with Supply Drops, UAV and Satellite Scanning returning from Battlefield 2.

Battlefield 4[]

Commander resources and the Commander role itself return in Battlefield 4.

Instead of being constrained by strategic objects, resources are either usable at any time, or available under certain conditions. Just as the commander is not physically present in the battlefield, the commander resource facilities are not in the combat area.

Default Loop resources are available to the commander at all times or whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Control points determine which commander can use the Main Asset Loop resources linked to them.

The team's ability to follow the commander's orders determines which of the Squad Loop resources are available, similar to how squad members can gain Specializations in an Upgrade Path via Field Upgrades. Unlike specializations, each use of an asset consumes some or all of the commander's progress, much like how special attacks consume a "super meter" in fighting games.

Certain maps also contain situational assets that can be utilized by the commander. For instance, Paracel Storm has a wrecked destroyer with a functioning anti-aircraft battery—the destroyer must be brought ashore and captured to make use of the battery.

As before, squad leaders can request certain assets by using the Commo Rose.


Default Loop[]
Main Asset Loop[]


All Support resources are Squad Loop resources.


All Strike resources are Main Asset Loop resources.