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The Commando is a class in Battlefield Heroes. It is very similar to the Recon and Special Forces kits of other Battlefield titles. The Commando has the choice of using a Knife, a Sniper Rifle, and a Pistol as main weapons. The Commando can use Sticky TNT or a grenade launcher as their explosive.


The Commando Class has 6 abilities:

Stealth: Hides the player from enemy view.
Elixir: Increases speed and defense for a short time.
Mark target
Mark Target: Receive points for designating enemy targets for your team. Can reveal enemy Commandos using Stealth.
Troop Trap: Place an explosive that will trigger when enemies approach too close or when it is shot.
Perzing shot
Piercing Shot: Increase the damage done by sniper rifles.
Poisoned Blade: Damage from the knife causes the victim to be poisoned, losing health over a period of time.


  • The Commando has the most abilities out of any class in Battlefield Heroes with 6. The Gunner and Soldier Classes both have 5. The commando life points are 80 lp.
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