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For the related attachment, see Muzzle Brake.

Two 92FS pistols with Compensators.

A Compensator is a firearm attachment which improves weapon stability during repeated or automatic fire by venting gases upwards.  This counteracts the potential of the muzzle to flip to either side. As a consequence, the visible flash of the weapon may be even greater than without a compensator.

Battlefield 4[]

"Improves Stability by reducing muzzle drift by 25%, but adds a 30% penalty to the Accuracy of rapid fire."

— Battlelog description

The Compensator is a barrel attachment featured in Battlefield 4. The attachment reduces the horizontal recoil of a weapon by 25%, at the expense of lowering the accuracy of a weapon when fired continuously due to a 30% increase in bullet spread. It is the counterpart to the Muzzle Brake, which decreases vertical recoil.

The Compensator is the default barrel attachment for the MX4, and is unlocked for most other weapons through progression. Semi-automatic shotguns can only unlock the Compensator, along with the Muzzle Brake, through Battlepacks, and it is not available for Sniper Rifles due to their lack of horizontal recoil.

The attachment is especially useful for weapons with high side-to-side recoil, like the F2000, and causes the recoil of the weapon to be mostly vertical, making it much easier to manage. The Compensator has the drawback of making the weapon less accurate, however, due to its 30% increase in bullet spread while continuously firing. This makes ranged engagements difficult and necessitates that the player bursts or tap-fires their weapon to remain accurate.

The usage of the Stubby/Potato Grip in combination with the Compensator, however, can be used to minimize the accuracy penalty. The grip's reduction in the spread increase will reduce the Compensator's spread penalty by 66%. This will make the spread penalty lighter and the weapons horizontal recoil to be significantly reduced.

The Ergo/Vertical Grip can also help reduce the accuracy penalty by lowering the weapon's minimum spread while moving by 50%. This makes the 30% increase in max spread less noticeable and the overall spread increase lighter, but it should be noted that this only applies when the player is mobile, so the combination is best utilized when in close quarters or if the player has an aggressive play style.


Battlefield Hardline[]

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"Reduces vertical recoil by venting muzzle gasses upwards, improving control at a cost to accuracy"

— Battlelog Description

The Compensator is a weapon attachment featured in Battlefield Hardline. Functioning opposite of its Battlefield 4 counterpart, it reduces a weapon's vertical recoil by 40% at the cost of a 17% increase in horizontal recoil and 30% increase in weapon spread. Weapon spread is not increased when the player is in a standing position and aiming down sight, only when the player is crouched, prone, or firing from the hip is it applied.

Compared to the Heavy Barrel and Muzzle Brake, the Compensator offers the highest vertical recoil reduction available but is also the only attachment to increase horizontal recoil. While the horizontal recoil increase cannot be remedied, the additional increase to weapon spread can be countered by equipping a Stubby Grip, which will cancel out the ADS spread increase and reduce ADS spread overall by 20% while also halving the hipfire spread increase to 15%. The Compensator is also the second least expensive attachment to purchase at $900, with only the Flash Hider being cheaper at $600.

Overall, the Compensator is best used on weapons that have very high vertical recoil and low horizontal recoil and it should be equipped alongside a Stubby Grip whenever possible. If a weapon already has relatively balanced recoil, the Muzzle Brake will be more useful as it will reduce recoil in all directions by a smaller amount than the Compensator but will do so with no negative effects.

Like the other Barrel attachments, the Compensator's model will be different depending on what weapon it is equipped on. The Compensator can be unlocked through the use of a Voucher.

Battlefield 1[]

In Battlefield 1, Compensators do not appear by name. However, some Recoil Direction options on some weapons attaches a compensator to the weapon.[1]


  • The pistol compensator in Battlefield 4 is modeled to fit the P226 specifically. When attached to the FN57, it appears squished to fit the slide and frame of the handgun.