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Not to be confused with Conquest Assault
Not to be confused with the Conquest variant featured in Battlefield Play4Free and Battlefield 1

Conquest Double Assault, also called Hybrid Conquest is a variant of the Conquest gamemode featured as a combination of Conquest Assault and Conquest Head-On. It is featured in Refractor-era games of the Battlefield series as well as Battlefield: Bad Company.


BF2 Dragon Valley 16

An example of Double Assault on Dragon Valley, specifically the 16-player version. Notice that neither team owns an Uncapturable base.

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Both teams start out controlling a set number of Control Points on opposite sides of the map, usually one to three points, while a number of neutral flags are present in between. Neither team has an uncap in this mode, and a team will lose if they own no Control Points and have no living players, as in Conquest Assault. This makes capture and control of objectives very important in this gamemode compared to other variants, as a team will lose very quickly without a balanced attack and defense due to there being no uncap to fall back to if needed.