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Conquest Mission is a variant of the Conquest gamemode featured in Battlefield Vietnam.


Conq Mission

Conquest Mission on Landing Zone Albany. Unique to the map, the NVA will receive a spawn point near any US controlled flag as long as they have one Control Point captured.

Main article: Conquest#Gameplay

Rules for the gamemode are the same as Conquest Head-On, with both teams having control over a deployment and several neutral flags in between. However, each Mission map has a unique rule that affects gameplay, causing teams to shift their strategy on specific maps to either quickly achieve victory or avoid defeat. For example, Siege of Khe Sahn's Khe Sanh Combat Base flag is worth three flags and contributes considerably to draining the oppositon's tickets, while Landing Zone Albany creates nearby spawn points for the NVA team when the US team captures a point, simulating an ambush.

The full list of unique rules for all Mission maps is as follows:

Map Rule
Operation Flaming Dart Airbases cannot be captured, destroying control towers prevents resupply at airfields
Landing Zone Albany Spawn locations for NVA will appear around Control Points owned by the US Army
Siege of Khe Sahn Khe Sahn Combat Base is worth three Control Points but takes significantly longer to capture
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