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For the version in Battlefield 1943, see Coral Sea (Battlefield 1943)

Coral Sea is a map featured in Battlefield 1942, added through a later patch. Set during the Battle of the Coral Sea, the United States Marine Corps and Imperial Japanese Navy engage each other in aerial combat within a small group of islands


A unique Conquest Head-On map, the objective of each faction is to sink the other's Aircraft Carrier and capturing the flag that appears on the buoy. Both teams start with an unmovable carrier and two plane spawn points with unlimited planes.

Combat primarily takes place in the form of dogfights, but players can land or swim to the islands and makes use of the emplaced weapons present on them against the enemy.


EmpireJapanFlag Imperial Japanese Navy
Fixed-wing aircraft

Shokaku-class aircraft carrier

Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Fixed-wing aircraft

Yorktown-class aircraft carrier



The layout on the islands are rather simple, featuring mountains with minor hills.

  • The Island in the north-east consist of two Defguns (one staring towards the Japanese Carrier and the other staring towards the ocean beside the mountains) and a 40mm Bofors next to the Def Gun staring towards the Japanese carrier.
  • The Island north-west has a 40mm Bofors in the middle of the islands.
  • The Island south-east has nothing of interest on it.
  • The Island north-west has two Defguns (one pointing towards the American Aircraft carrier, the other behind it staring towards the ocean) and one 40mm on the southern tip of the island.
  • The central island has a 40mm Bofors.