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One example model of the red dot sight design in real life.

In Battlefield 4, the Coyote is a Red Dot Sight associated with the Chinese faction. This particular red dot sight is one extremely commonly copied design in real life, with many small workshops (commonly Chinese-based) copying the design and manufacturing it under a variety of different names and markings, then sold through a large number of online retailers. The origin of the design is unknown and unknowable due to the large amounts of copies obscuring any traces of its history. Examples of sights of this design include Yagnob HD106[1], Eagle Force EA JH406[2], Aimpoint JH406[3], and other generically-named models[4].

Battlefield 4Edit

"A Chinese red dot sight for easier tracking of targets through a wide angle aperture."

— Battlelog description

The Coyote [RDS] is a red dot sight featured in Battlefield 4. Like all other Reflex and Holographic sights, it is compatible with the Magnifier (2x).


The Coyote [RDS] is the Chinese equivalent of the American Reflex and Russian Kobra red dot sights. The sight is unlocked through progression on all Chinese, Singaporean, and Israeli weapons, excluding handguns and the MTAR-21, and is unlocked through Battlepacks for all other weapons. This sight is very clear and open, obstructing very little of the player's vision due to its thinner frame and wide sight. This is a good attribute as it makes the sight less likely to "hide" an enemy behind its frame, and allows the player to see more of the battlefield.


Battlefield HardlineEdit

The Coyote is a red dot sight featured in Battlefield Hardline as a permanent attachment for the G17 Race pistol. Compared to the other pistol sights, the Mini and Delta, it has a larger sight picture and a thinner frame, but takes up more space on the screen while held at the hip.



Battlefield 4Edit

  • The Chinese characters (国家财产) on the sight mean "State property". These characters can be seen when the sight is aimed down and the Weapon DOF is turned off.


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