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"There has to be better ways to start a new career. But you know what they say about hitting the bottom, it really, really hurts."

Preston Marlowe

Crash and Grab is the sixth mission in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company. After having been shot down, Marlowe awakes in the night, finding that his squad and President Serdar have been taken prisoner as he is left alone. Marlowe tries to contact Mike-One-Juliet to help find them as she leads him to places that they were located.

Along the way, Marlowe finds that Serdar has been captured by the Legionnaire. He then finds his squad at a missionary located on top of a mountain as the sun comes up. As he arrives, Redford, Haggard, and Sweetwater had recently just escaped and are fighting their way out. Together, the squad then make their way back down the mountain evading Russian forces to free Serdar from being executed by some Legionnaire Mercenaries and figure out where the gold is from him.

Synopsis and Walkthrough[]

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"Truckasaurus Rex here I come!"
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield: Bad Company.

Locate The Squad Inside The Village[]

After having been knocked out for a few hours, Marlowe awakes among the wreckage of Serdar's Mi-24 Hind. He narrates that there must be better ways to start a new career, but he adds that hitting the bottom of it really hurts. He tries to contact Mike-One-Juliet and tells her that his squad and Serdar are gone, and that he's the only one left. He thinks they have been taken prisoner, but he doesn't know what he should do and asks for help as he paces about the crash site.

When Miss July finally responds, Marlowe is relieved to hear her. She says that she really shouldn't be helping him as the Army has denied anything about the squad's involvement in Serdaristan, mentioning Command sees them as AWOL and they might as well be dead. Marlowe is glad that she's risking her job to help them and asks if she can figure out where he is.

Miss July says he's in Russia, and Marlowe repeats that he feels his squad has been taken. He asks if she can send anyone to help, but she denies his request. However, Mike-One-Juliet has a satellite visual of Marlowe and says she'll try to help as best she can, but she tells Marlowe he can't contact her. She then tells Marlowe that she is getting radio signals from the nearby village and instructs him to search the town.

The player will start off with an MP443, hand grenades, and motion sensors. They will want to use the sensors to locate Russian soldiers in the area to avoid them as best as possible. There are many soldiers within the village, and the player will want to do their best to avoid them as long as possible while traversing the town.

Eventually, the player will be spotted and they will have to kill the soldiers. As soon as they kill one, they should take his weapon as the MP443 isn't very powerful. The player will then have to kill the remaining soldiers as they make their way through the town. Towards the objective, an shielded enemy QLZ-87 turret will fire upon the player. Their best bet at taking it out is to try and flank the turret to kill the operator.

Learn The Locations Of The Squad[]

Once all of the soldiers are dead, the player can make their way to the green barracks. Miss July will tell Preston that the place has been evacuated as she is only picking his heat source up on thermal scan. She mentions she's found out more about the area and tells Marlowe to head to a communications array deeper in the valley to see if he can find out where his squad is.

Two helicopters will fly by the area, an Mi-24 Hind and the Legionnaire's Ka-52. An enemy Vodnik will also show up, filled with Specialists to reinforce the area. Once they are taken down, the player should grab the M95 in the command post to help scout the area better and take out hostiles from long range.

There are three specialists located across the river, and another three on the bridge to the right in a CAV. The player will want to take out the ones across the river and then on the bridge before moving on, and it should be fairly easy with the M95. Once they are down, the player can grab a PBL at the docks and head out.

Rather than head straight across, the player should head down the southwest corner of the map to a small harbor as there is a collectible XM8 LMG located there, and a MRTR-5 mortar strike designator. The harbor is defended by a few soldiers, including an RPG-soldier, meaning the player should get out on the river side instead of within the harbor so their PBL isn't destroyed. The XM8 LMG is located in back of the harbor in a blue one-story house next to the road to the harbor and it will aide in killing the infantry. The MRTR-5 is located in another blue one-story house located at the southern corner. Once the infantry are killed, the player should get back their M95.

The player should then grab the nearby Vodnik and follow the unmarked road it is facing up to an outpost on the southern side of the map. The player may encounter a Vodnik or two along the road when it switches to from dirt to paved at the intersection. The player can just switch to the KORD mounted in the gunner seat ant after continuous fire, destroy them with ease and little damage to themselves.

The outpost does not contain any weapons, but it does have the level's first gold bar, making it the third easily missed bar because of this. It is lightly defended by a few soldiers as well as two Recons on the hill in front of it. The Recons can be found by tracing where the bloom of muzzle flash is that can be seen in the sky. Once they are all taken out, the player can get the gold bar in the green barracks at the back of the outpost.

Instead of going right to the objective, the player may wish to head to the northeast to a one-story house, as the second gold bar is located here. It is off to the side of the northern road that heads to the communications building on the map. The player can get there by following the road back around or heading straight across the hill.

Either way, the player will encounter some enemies guarding the second bridge, including two M939 trucks that will drop off a few more. The mortar strike will be helpful in taking most of them out, as there is also a shielded KORD turret watching the road.

Once they are down, an enemy Recon closer to the far will engage the player. He can be found and taken out much in the same way as the last two. There is also a repair tool at the bridge that the player should use to fix their vehicle if it is damaged. The player can also grab the nearby CAV as it is better armed and faster than the Vodnik, but the player is more exposed to fire.

The house is lightly guarded by a couple of soldiers an the gold bar is located on the right side of the house. there is also an M16 inside the house that can be useful for the assault on the communications station due to is high power and automatic fire rate, as well as its underbarrel M203 grenade launcher.

The road leading up to the rear of the communications center is only defended by a shielded that player can take out with the mounted XM307 in the gunner seat. The base itself is defended by a number of Russian Specialists, Assaults, Demolitions and a few Supports, as well as another Recon on top of the communications building and the last Recon on a hill to the south. There is also a shielded KORD watching the ramp up to the communications building and a shielded QLZ-87 next to the building itself. Once they are all killed, the player can make their way to the basement of the building to the objective marker.

Rescue The Squad[]

Upon making his way there. Marlowe will hear Serdar on a camera monitor,saying he is still the President of Serdaristan as he speaks with the Legionnaire, also mentioning the Legionnaire that he has not been kept in the most pleasant conditions. The Legionnaire tells him that he has been trying to run away from debt, adding he will treat Serdar as he pleases, while holding an MP412 REX behind his back.

Serdar will explain how he did not run, but was taken by the "stupid imperialist American pigs" (Marlowe's squadmates) who are now awaiting execution in a monastery cell, again saying his catch-phrase "Harsh, but fair." The Legionnaire then says that if he doesn't come up with the gold Serdar owes him, he will have Serdar executed, as he turns towards the camera, asking Serdar if it is transmitting. Serdar asks if anyone is there that can save him, before the Legionnaire shoots it with his revolver.

Mike-One-Juliet then contacts the player and tells them that there is a lot of activity at the monastery and the player should head there. Meanwhile, reinforcements will close in on the player's position and the Hind that brought them in will fly away. After they are taken out, the player can head off towards the objective marker north of their position, as the base contains just some DTN-4, more MTN-55s and an AKS74u.

The exit road will be blockaded by two M939 trucks and some soldiers. If the player grabs a CAV, they can run right through the soldiers or stop to take them out. Further along the road will be a couple of enemy CAVs and an RPG trooper. they should be taken out quickly before moving into the village ahead.

The village will have two more M939s attempt to blockade the player while a shielded QLZ-87 will be mounted in the attic of a one-story house. The QLZ-97 poses a great threat and should be destroyed with the CAV's mounted XM307. Once it is down, the player should remove the blockade trucks and kill off the infantry in the village. There is another M95 within the village and a repair tool to fix the player's CAV.

The road to the base along the river is blocked, meaning the player will have to make a hard left and get to it on the other side from crossing the river. The road also leads to a farm that is defended by Russian soldiers, a shielded KORD in the attic of a one-story house, and a Vodnik that speeds in from the right. Once they are down the player can find an M16, an M136, and another MRTR-5 in the houses.

The base ahead is guarded by a number of hostiles, including a 9M133 Kornet, a KORD on the far side, and many infantry. The Kornet should be taken out first as it can kill the player with one hit, then the player can worry about enemy infantry. Once they are all killed, the player can find an NS2000, another AKS74u, another M136, and an LZ-537 the player should grab scattered about the base.

The player should then grab a CAV and head out of the base along the road they were on and go back across the river. They will find a couple of houses grouped together guarded by two infantry. The player can take them out an move on, but they should head to the left at the fork in the road as it leads to the location of the third gold bar after heading right at the at the second fork. The gold bar is located on the rear side of the blue one-story house from the road and empty Vodnik and the area is defended by two soldiers. The other group of houses that would be accessed by taking a second left contain a VSS and two soldiers defending it as well.

Doubling back towards the paved road, the player will encounter an enemy T-90 in the village at the foot of the mountain, as well as some enemy infantry. The tank should be easy to take out as the player has an LZ-537 that can call in a JDAM to hit it. If the player doesn't want to stick their neck out to laze the tank, they can actually just use their CAV as the target and guide the bomb towards the tank instead.

Once it is destroyed, the player can move through the village on foot to grab any of the weapons and gadgets in it as they wish, including two M136s, an NS2000, a repair tool to fix their CAV, some DTN-4, and another M16. When the player has what they want, they should make their way up the winding road to the monastery.

The road will be defended by a number of Vodniks and KORD emplacements along the side of the road. The Vodniks will have to be taken out, but the player can drive past the KORDs. The player will eventually come up to a stone bridge guarded by four soldiers and a Kornet. The player should run over as many infantry as the can in one pass and get out to kill the rest.

The player will also find the fourth gold bar located in some ruins just up the cliffside to the right of the bridge. The player can get up there by walking along the ridge until the slope is smooth enough to climb. On approach to the gold bar, Mike-One-Juliet will contact the player, telling them she has found a hidden entrance in the eastern wall, the side marked on the map. She tells them to take a look, but keep a low profile.

After grabbing the fourth gold bar, the player should double back across the bridge and take the road heading left as it leads to the fifth gold bar and is a little less defended when attacking the monastery. The player can bypass the road barricade with MTN-55's in front by driving around it and continuing up the road. Further ahead, there will be an infantry patrol with an RPG trooper that should be taken out. The player can get out and kill them, try to run them over, or use the CAV's mounted guns.

Either way, the player should continue along until the road bends back towards the monastery past the KORD turret and Recon soldier, just before the ammo box and SV98. The crate is located off to the left in some ruins between the bend off an unmarked path. Once it is grabbed, the player can continue up the path past two Recon soldiers and a Support and Assault soldier on the foot bridge.

On the far side of the bridge is a KORD turret that will fire on the player. Once it is taken out, the player will be free to move into the monastery. The area is defended by a number of Russian soldiers spread across the area, with most being within the monastery courtyard.

The courtyard is defended by a shielded KORD that should be avoided until it can be flanked and a number of Russian soldiers. The player should make their way to the right and clear the courtyard from the right side towards the tower in back where the squad is. The player can flank the KORD this way and kill the operator, this removing it as a threat.

Once the rest of the soldiers are down, the player will hear a lot of gunfire from the tower. They should make their way there by going behind the KORD to investigate. They will then see two Russians firing towards the stairs and then getting killed.

Reach The River Mouth[]

Marlowe finds the squad has just escaped on their own. Haggard greets him first, and then Sweetwater exclaims how he was sure that Marlowe was dead at the crash site. He asks what Marlowe is doing out here, who responds that he was looking for them. Sweetwater thanks him for rescuing them, despite them having escaped just fine. Redford says he's glad to have Marlowe back, but adds that they need to get out of there. Haggard says they have to find Serdar since he knows where the Legionnaire is keeping the gold.

Marlowe asks if they've seen him of know where he is. Sweetwater replies that they haven't, and adds that Haggard thinks that if they go about thinking happy thoughts, they will run into Serdar, asking Haggard if that is correct sarcastically. Haggard replies that he wouldn't have put it like that,. but essentially that's his plan.

Mike-One-Juliet then contacts Marlowe, asking him if he's found the rest of the squad. Before he can respond, Redford motions him that he'll take care of it, and tells Miss July that Marlowe had quite a bit of luck finding them. haggard then says to her that they're all there and asks how she is doing, quickly noting how he thinks she is from

Miss July chuckles at that, and remarks how Haggard isn't even a high enough rank to get her a cup of coffee, Which Sweetwater finds funny. She does add though that since he asked, she feels fine. She also says that she's glad to see them all back together. Marlowe then asks Miss July if she knows where Serdar is. She says she doesn't know, but there is a lot of activity at the head of the river, telling them to check there. Redford tells her to stay in touch, as she replies she'll do her best as she shouldn't even be helping them.

The player is to then double back all the way across the map to the harbor from much earlier in the mission where they found the XM8 LMG. Mike-One-Juliet then tells the squad that she can't really talk right now but there's a lot of enemies coming in the area, before cutting off. Multiple hostiles will occupy the area near the helipad. once they are killed, the player should grab a CAV and head down the mountain.

However, instead of following the main road, the player should head out over the foot bridge they took to get in. It is possible to drive the CAV over as it will have its wheels on one sidewall and on the bridge as it barely fits. This will help to avoid confrontation with an enemy BMD-3 guarding the other bridge. The player can also make their way down the cliffs as long as they don't go barreling down at high speed to avoid crashing and exploding.

When the player reaches the village where the T-90 was, another BMD-3 will try to cut them off. If the player is quick, they can turn right, between the houses, and outrun it. Sweetwater will then ask if they are following the squad, to which Redford will confirm that the Russians are. The player should make a mad-dash towards the riverside base and grab a PBL to head towards the harbor, per Haggard's suggestion.

By this time, an enemy Mi-24 Hind will start to attack the player, and tanks will start to close in on each side of the river. The player will want to go as fast as possible to reach the harbor, while avoiding shots from enemy armor and the helicopter. The player will also encounter enemy PBLs that their front gunner should take care of and a Mark V patrol boat near the village that the President's helicopter crashed in.

Once the player reaches the harbor, Redford will tell the squad to keep a low profile and move in. Sweetwater will note the Ka-52 that shot them down earlier is here and Haggard will note the President is among the mercenaries in the area.

The Legionnaire will tell Serdar that his American friends have escaped, but not for long. Serdar tries to play the squad off as not being his friends. The Legionnaire says that Serdar tried to escape his debt and that they helped him do so. Serdar says he was abducted by them instead. The Legionnaire feels he won't ever get paid, and will forgive Serdar's debt by taking his country instead. Serdar says he doesn't mind and that he will go in to exile to live a quiet life. The Legionnaire agrees Serdar will have a quiet life, ordering the three Mercenaries surrounding Serdar to kill him.

Serdar says he won't beg for his life as the Legionnaire gets in his helicopter and flies away. Serdar then starts to beg for his life to the mercenaries, ironically. Sweetwater feels that the squad should do something before Serdar is killed. Haggard tells Sweetwater to think of something, but Redford tells both of them to shut up and follow him as he starts to attack the mercenaries.

Serdar thanks the squad for saving him, to which Haggard and Sweetwater ask if he remembers them. Serdar says he does, saying "Ah, yes. Imperialist pigs, very nice." Redford tells him to shut up and orders the squad to take a Mark V nearby, while the President is left a bit gazed and confused. Sweetwater grabs his arm and drags him along as the mission ends.


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Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Gamerscore Trophy type
Bca11 Let's take that boat Complete Crash and Grab on normal 15 G Bronze
Bca12 Capitalist pigs, very nice Complete Crash and Grab on hard 25 G Silver
Bca23 The Anti-Mechanic Destroy 50 enemy vehicles (containing enemy AI) 20 G Bronze
Bca30 On Top of the World Climb to the highest spot in the game 20 G Bronze


  • To obtain the "On Top of the World" achievement/trophy, the player only has to climb all the stairs in the monastery's tallest tower after finding Marlowe's squadmates.
  • Although Marlowe never uses the M416 in this level, he still uses it in cinematic cutscenes.