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"Join a massive aerial invasion along the Cretan coast. The Allied side is desperate to cling to the island under attack by the Axis, attempting to break through the British defenses air superiority and paratroops. This map brings all-out war defined by a power struggle between tank control versus air superiority."

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Crete, otherwise simply known as Greece Map, is an in-development map set to be featured in Battlefield V. It was revealed in the initial roadmap for the Tides of War live service, and is planned to be released as part of Chapter Three: Trial By Fire.[1]

Set during the Battle of Crete fought between May 20th and June 1st 1941, the map depicts the German airborne assault on the Greek island, garrisoned by the British since the Italian invasion of mainland Greece in October 1940. Dropped en-masse, Fallschirmjäger forces managed to capture Maleme Airfield within the first two days, allowing them to airlift in reinforcements to overwhelm the Allied defensive positions, who subsequently withdrew south, precipitating an evacuation of the island by sea. Despite their victory, the heavy cost of the operation in both men and materiel forbade Germany from the use of large-scale airborne landings for the remainder of the war.

In terms of gameplay, the map is decidedly air focused, but includes some ground vehicles and tanks.