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"Hunt Together"

— The Criminals' mantra as seen on their emblem.

Criminal refers to a person (or a group of people) who committed crime; an act harmful not only to some individual or individuals, but also a community, society, or the state; such actions are forbidden and punishable by law with the state having the power to severely restrict one's liberty for committing a crime, although an action is regarded as a crime if declared as such by the relevant and applicable law in the state.

Acts that is declared as a crime generally includes, but not limited to, murder, assault, drug manufacturing, trade and trafficking, burglary, robbery, and motor vehicle theft (often referred to as a grand theft auto).

Battlefield Hardline[]

The Criminals are a faction featured in Battlefield Hardline, opposing Law Enforcement in the multiplayer. They appear to be a well equipped and well financed Criminal organization, with Criminal agents having access to military grade weapons, like the M416 and AWM, and high tech equipment and attack vehicles, including top of the line Stinger missiles and heavily armored Counter Attack Trucks and Attack helicopters. The organization's reach appears to stretch across the continental United States, with their activities extending from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California.

The Criminals' appearance varies from map to map. On urban maps, like Downtown, Hollywood Heights and Bank Job, they have a more professional look, wearing vests and balaclavas. This team is known as Thieves.

On most other maps such as Everglades and The Block, they wear plain clothes with hats, hooded jackets, and bandanas. This team is known as Bangers.


While both Law Enforcement and Criminals start off with the same default weapons, certain purchasable weapons are exclusive to Criminals until a Weapon License is earned for the weapon, when it will then be accessible to the Law Enforcement as well. Weapons earned through Assignments are immediately available to both factions.

All Kits[]

Image Name
BFHL FN57.png FN57
BFHL Skorpion.png Dual VZ .61
R0933 .300 blk.png RO933 .300 BLK
BFHL M1A1.png M1A1
BFHL M1.png M1
M110ks.png M110K5
BFHL MP7.png MP7
BFHL 1887.png 1887
BFHL M1903.png M1903
BFHL A8S.png A 8S
BFHL Elephant.png Mammoth Gun
BFHL Lewis.png Syndicate Gun


Image Name
BFHL RO933.png RO933 (Default)
BFHL M416.png M416
BFHL SAR21.png SAR-21
BFHL RPK74.png RPK-74
BFHL ARM.png ARM (Assignment)
BFHL L85A2.png L85A2 (Battlepack)
BFHL F2000.png F2000 (Robbery)
BFHL RPK.png RPK (Robbery)
BFHL ACWR.png ACWR (Battlepack)
BFHL CAR556.png CAR-556 (Battlepack)
BFHL 92FS.png 92FS (Default)
Bfhl cz-75.png CZ-75
BFHL G18.png G17 (Assignment)


Image Name
BFHL MP5K.png MP5K (Default)
BFHL uzi.png UZI
BFHL P90.png P90
BFHL ump45.png UMP-45
BFHL Scorpion.png Scorpion
BFHL MX4.png MX4
Bfhl fmg9.png FMG-9 (Assignment)
BFHL ump45.png UMP-9 (Getaway)
BFHL AUGPara.png AUG Para (Getaway)
BFHL sw38.png .38 Snub (Default)
BFHL 44magnum.png .44 Magnum
BFHL 410jury.png .410 Jury (Assignment)


Image Name
BFHL 870.png 870P Magnum (Default)
BFHL Spas12.png SPAS-12
BFHL Saiga12.png Saiga 12
BFHL M1014.png M4
BFHL doublebarrel.png Double-Barrel Shotgun (Assignment)
BFHL SA58.png SA-58 OSW
BFHL HK51.png HK51
BFHL FN FAL.png FN FAL (Criminal Activity)
BFHL 45T.png 45T (Default)
BFHL 40Pro.png .40 Pro
BFHL Bald Eagle.png.png Bald Eagle (Assignment)


Image Name
BFHL ScoutElite.png Scout Elite (Default)
BFHL SRS.png 388-Recon
BFHL M98B.png M98B
BFHL 300KO.png .300 Knockout (Assignment)
BFHL PTR91.png PTR-91
BFHL Saiga308.png Saiga .308
BFHL Fnar.png SP-AR
BFHL G18.png G18C (Default)
BFHL Tec9.png TEC-9
BFHL Mac10.png MAC-10 (Assignment)
BFHL Improvisegun.png Improvised Gun (Betrayal)


The following are the vehicles used by Criminal Agents in multiplayer. Most of the vehicles are repurposed luxury civilian vehicles; the Hardened Attack Truck and Rogue Chopper are the only two original military-built vehicles. The civilian vehicles (The Utility Van, Fuel Tanker, Airboat, Hearse, and Snowmobile), can also be used by Criminals.

Image Name
BFHL streetbike lineart.png Street Bike
BFHL DirtBike.png Dirt Bike
BFHL sedan lineart.png Sports Sedan
BFHL Import Tuner lineart.png Import Tuner
BFHL musclecar lineart.png Muscle Car
BFHL armoredsuv lineart.png Armored SUV
BFHL hardenedattacktruck lineart.png Hardened Attack Truck
BFHL syndicatecrewcab lineart.png Syndicate Crew Cab
BFHL SmugglersBoat.png Smuggler's Boat
BFHL rougechopper lineart.png Rogue Chopper
BFHL executivechopper lineart.png Executive Helicopter





The Criminals' emblem in the game's alpha (left).

  • During the game's alpha, the Criminals' emblem was originally two knives crossing over each other as evidenced in the gamemode tutorial videos that can be accessed through the in-game menu.
  • The Thieves are called PRO in the game file. This likely influenced from the Professionals based on a Heist film Heat.
  • The Bangers are called STREET in the game file, indicated they are base on Street gang hence the dialect.
  • In the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, only the Bangers voice lines are used