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"There's gold in them thar hills!"

George Gordon Haggard Jr.

Crossing Over is the third level in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company. Bravo-One Charlie follows the gold-toting M939 trucks up to the border of Serdaristan. Just as they are about to turn back, Haggard "single-handedly invades a neutral country" by chasing after the trucks. The rest of the squad is forced to go after him, which nearly gets Redford court martialed.

After hearing this from Mike-One-Juliet, Redford decides to go after the gold due to his term of service being brought up another year. Haggard follows delightedly, as does Marlowe, with only Sweetwater reluctantly following after being pressured to. They destroy three communications outposts in the area before finding the gold in a nearby harbor, where it is located within the Legionnaire's personal cargo ship. Just as they are about to board it, the US Army shows up to bring them in to custody for the damage they have done.

Synopsis and Walkthrough[]

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"Truckasaurus Rex here I come!"
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield: Bad Company.

Saving Private Haggard[]

The level opens with Sweetwater driving an HMMWV along a road in pursuit of the trucks carrying gold from the harbor in Zabograd. Haggard believes Sweetwater lost the trucks, calling him an imbecile. Sweetwater retorts, saying he knows what he's doing and that he took a shortcut. Haggard mocks him, repeating "you know what you're doing" a few times and adds that if he had a penny for every time Sweetwater said that, he wouldn't need to go after this gold.

Bravo-One catches up with the trucks, just as they are crossing into Serdaristan, officially declared neutral territory in the war between the United States and Russia. They watch the trucks cross the border checkpoint from a nearby hill, Sweetwater commenting that he told them he took a shortcut. Redford notes that the squad can't follow them anymore, as he realizes Haggard just went missing. Just as he asks, Haggard shouts "There's gold in them thar hills!", shooting his shotgun into the air while running towards the trucks, sounding the alarms at the checkpoint. Redford tries to tell Haggard to fall back over their radio, but Sweetwater assures him that Haggard wouldn't listen even if he could hear Redford. Redford then says that they have to go save Haggard. Sweetwater asks if they really have to, as Redford gives him an angry look, telling Marlowe and him to move out.

At this point, the player gains control. There are two Serdaristani soldiers guarding the checkpoint armed with AEK971's, a soldier manning a KORD in the second watchtower, and a Demolition soldier with an RPG7 in the attic of a white and yellow two-story house that will fire upon the player nearly immediately. The first two soldier should be taken out first, as they will notice the player first, then the KORD as it can do some serious damage, and finally the RPG soldier, who can be found by following the rocket's smoke trail. The player will then need to traverse the checkpoint to save Haggard on the other side of the bridge.

There is a collectible AN94 in the first watchtower and a mortar strike designator in the house on the left of the road. As the player approaches, more soldiers will show up as the alarm fades out. One will be manning a street-side KORD and a few will come up from the south, one armed with an S20K and the others with AEK971's. The KORD can be taken out by a well-placed 40mm grenade or the mortar strike if the player picked it up, leaving the other soldiers to be dealt with easily. A few more soldiers armed with their standard weapons, will be scattered about the checkpoint town. As the player gets closer, a T-90 will move over the bridge. The player will need to take it out with either one of the two 9M133 Kornet launchers along both sides of the road if they haven't been destroyed by mortar strikes called in by the player, or by picking up an RPG7 in the house behind the street-side KORD. Two shots from the Kornet or two or three from the RPG should destroy the tank. The player will want to take care of the remaining soldiers as well before moving on. There is also a collectible SPAS12 with HG-2 grenades at the southern-most "X" mark that can make clearing the soldiers in the houses much easier, but the player will want to grab an assault rifle before moving across the bridge.

As the player moves over the bridge, multiple Serdaristani troops will begin to fire upon them. If they stick to right side and crouch, they can avoid being hit by the KORD on the right side, across the river. If the player feels the need or are becoming overrun, they can also jump off into the water and cross below by swimming, or just circumvent the bridge by doing so from the start; there are paths up on both sides across the way. Along with the KORD, multiple Serdaristani Assault soldiers will be in the camp, with one in the bunker with a Kornet on top. The KORD soldier should be prioritized as he can do the most damage, allowing the player to mop up the res of the soldiers fairly easily, without having to take cover often. Once they are all dead, the player then needs to only reach Haggard, who will wave as they approach.

Marlowe will narrate how Haggard single-handedly invaded Serdaristan and that it wasn't the best idea, as Redford asks Haggard angrily if this is his idea of fun, to which Haggard responds "Well, yeah." Redford asks why Haggard ran off, as he responds that he wanted the gold as it was practically right there in front of him, noting Sweetwater could never swallow a piece that big. Redford asks why he shouldn't send Haggard to jail, while Haggard says its because he loves Haggard, in a platonic way, to which he mispronounces. Just then, Mike-One-Juliet comes in on the radio, asking if Redford has a very good reason as to why he and the squad are in Serdaristan, while he glares at Haggard. He responds that it was his call, as he was retaliating a hostile, in a nervous fashion. Miss July tells them to get back to base, as Redford responds that he is glad to, as he plans to go on leave tomorrow. Miss July angrily says that he's facing court-martial and that he won't be getting leave for another year.

Redford storms off angrily as Sweetwater and Haggard comment on how Haggard really screwed up this time, even worse than a previous incident involving a music album, to which Haggard can't believe he screwed up worse this time. Marlowe asks what they will do now to Redford, to which he notes that they are already in Serdaristan, and feels they might as well finish what they started. He asks Sweetwater where the trucks went, to which Sweetwater just responds that Redford can't seriously be thinking about going after the trucks now. He says he is, to Haggard's surprise. Redford says he'll never get any medal now from the army, further strengthening his resolve as he moves along the road. Haggard asks excitedly if Sweetwater and Marlowe are joining them. Sweetwater isn't sure if this is a good idea. Haggard reminds him that what could be a better motivation then 24 karat gold bars. Sweetwater looks to Marlowe for someone to agree that it's a bad idea, but Marlowe responds that he "could use a couple million, same as everybody else". Sweetwater then caves and tells the squad to wait up for him.

Cover Your Tracks[]

Haggard starts to run off down the road in pursuit of the trucks as Sweetwater warns Redford. Redford then says "Shit, look at that", to which Sweetwater thought he agreeing about his comment that Haggard runs like a girl. Redford says he was talking about how the squad is probably now broadcasted live across the entire country for their episode at the checkpoint to both the Serdaristani Army. He thinks that if they blow up the communications antennas in the area, the Serdaristani Army won't be able to find them. Haggard notes that it would also get the US Army off their tails as well, seeing as how they may hack into the antennas to find the now AWOL squad.

The player will be instructed to destroy three antenna boxes in the area to cover their tracks. The first antenna box is located on a hill to the northeast, with two roads leading there. The southern route has a collectible XM8C with frag grenades, and the first gold crate is located nearby the collectible. Redford will note that the path up to the first antenna box is littered with enemy Recon soldiers and that the player should stay down. They are armed with SV98's for long range and MP443's for close range and can be a real pain to deal with because they blend in with the bushes because of their ghillie suits and can only really be found by scouring the bushes or paying attention to flashes from their shots, as well as looking at the mini-map to see if their red dot is nearby. If the player is hit, they will most likely need to heal before finding the Recon who hit them as well, further decreasing their ability to be located. If the player finds one they have killed, they can pick up an SV98 for some longer-range scouting and shooting, as there will also be Assault and Demolition soldiers on the hill.

Once the player reaches the antenna box, they can blow it up with any explosive weapon they have, or grab some DTN-4 in the green barracks nearby. Once it is destroyed, Redford will say there are two more to go. Sweetwater wonders if this idea will actually work. Haggard says that it will, noting that if the Serdaristani Soldiers can't see them, they can't pick them up, and that if they can't pick them up, the squad is free to do whatever they want. Sweetwater adds that doing whatever they want would be to steal gold from the world's deadliest mercenaries. Haggard says that it beats flipping burgers, to which Sweetwater hates the fact that he agrees to that.

A Mi-24 Hind flies overhead as more Serdaristani troops are along the road to the next antenna box. Redford spots it, and tells the squad to stay low. Luckily, the helicopter will not spot them, regardless of that the player is doing. Along the path, more Recon soldiers will attack the squad from range as Assault soldiers along the road fire at them as well. the Assault soldiers should be dealt with first as they are more likely to hit the player than the Recons if they move about. The second green barracks along the road contains another AN94, if the player missed the last one or they need an assault rifle for closer ranges.

As the player comes over another hill, one of the squad-mates will spot the helicopter again, as it patrols the second antenna box. As they are walking, Haggard asks if Sweetwater is keeping an eye out for the trucks. Sweetwater remarks that greed is one of the seven deadly sins (of Christian faith); Redford adds that murder is as well. Sweetwater corrects him, saying he's thinking of the Ten Commandments, and proceeds to list off the seven deadly sins. Redford tells him to shut up about halfway through, to which he agrees. The alarm will sound as the squad approaches and more Assaults will be found patrolling on the road, as well as one or two Specialists with AKS74u's. The antenna box outpost itself is guarded by a Kornet launcher along the hillside, a KORD turret in a watchtower near the entrance, and multiple Assault and Demolition soldiers. The Kornet operator should be prioritized as he can kill the player in one shot on any difficulty. the KORD is the obvious second choice as it does a lot of damage to infantry such as the player. The soldiers can then be moped up before destroying the antenna box with explosives. before destroying it, however, the player should note that a collectible SVU is located in the watchtower next to the KORD turret. The Hind will also continue to patrol about until the player destroys the antenna box.

Once the player destroys the second antenna box, the last one will be marked on the map as Haggard notes destroying the second one ought to screw up the Serdaristani Army's tracking of the squad. Sweetwater remarks in a sarcastic tone that nobody will notice the path of destruction they've left behind them, calling him an idiot as well. At this time, the Hind will return and attack the player. They can try their luck and gun it for the nearby Vodnik and rush to the northwest farm to man an anti-air gun, or grab the RPG7 near the second antenna and shoot it down that way. The former is certainly easier if pulled off fast enough, but the latter is usually the case that the player will have to deal with, as the helicopter has a good chance at destroying the player's vehicle before they get there and likely killing them. If this happens, running to the AA gun will just result in the same thing, meaning they will have to shoot down the Hind with a rocket.

This isn't exactly the easiest thing to do, as the helicopter will move about, circling the player and firing its chin-mounted cannon in bursts at the player, deafening them from the explosions. as well as severely damaging them. they will have to keep moving and wait for the chopper to get close enough and hover for a bit before firing at it. This can take multiple tries, as the helicopter can be skittish and leaves little time for the player to fire, as well as constantly shooting them, making them have to heal often or stay in cover. If the player is fortunate enough to reach one of the two ZU-23-2s fast enough, they will just need to constantly lay down fire on the helicopter, tracking its movement, until it is brought down. There will be a few soldiers at the farm, near the gun, but they likely won't do enough damage to the player while they focus on the Hind.

Either way, the player will need to grab a vehicle to head to the north antenna box across the farmland. Sweetwater will congratulate Marlowe for bringing down the chopper, as Haggard agrees, congratulating the "new guy" as well. Haggard asks if he can call Marlowe by his first name, as Sweetwater interjects that as long as Marlowe can call him Gordon, his middle name. Haggard says that no one can call him by that, adding that he would be very angry if they did. Before they leave the farm, however, the player should deal with the soldiers attacking them from the house near the second AA gun and also grab the second gold crate in the bottom garage of the barn nearby. The "X" marks on the southern edge of the farms should also be noted, as a collectible MG36 is located there, as well as the third gold crate, and a repair tool that will be useful for the assault on the third antenna box.

Along the road to the third antenna box and a Serdaristani Army base, there will be multiple farms occupied by Serdaristani troops. The can be dealt with relatively easily or passed over as they cannot do much damage to the player if they stay in a Vodnik. The base itself is well-defended. As the player approaches the entrance - setting off the alarm - multiple soldiers will attack them, as well as an enemy Vodnik that greets them along the road. The player may want to switch to their mounted KORD as it can do some serious damage to the enemies here. The enemy Vodnik should be dealt with first, as its ring-mounted KORD will make short work of the player and their vehicle. There are also a few soldiers in the watchtowers that should be dealt with next, and then the remaining ground troops can be moped up.

The player can switch back and forth between the machinegun and driver to move about and kill every remaining soldier before destroying the antenna box. They may need to get out every once and a while to repair their vehicle with the repair tool, and they should make sure to fix it on the side that isn't facing enemies so they will not be killed. Once they are all dead, the alarm will stop, and the player can destroy the antenna box with ease. As for "X" marks in the area, the northern warehouse has another AN94, the southern warehouse has an RPG7, the guard tower near the antenna has DTN-4 that can blow up the box, and the metal shed near the empty T-90 has another repair tool.

Once the final antenna box is destroyed, Redford notes that it should keep the US Army off their tails for a while - as they've likely hacked the antennas to try and locate the squad - and says they should find the trucks. Sweetwater asks that if they actually find the gold, that they would get equal shares, to which no one responds. The player then only needs to regroup at the red smoke to continue on.

Chase the Gold[]

The squad finds some more M939 trucks crossing a second bridge. Haggard asks if anyone knows where they are headed, as Redford responds, saying he thinks there is a harbor the way they are headed. Sweetwater is surprised that Redford knew that when he didn't, adding that it's weird for this to happen. Redford says he knows about the Harbor because he's in charge. Sweetwater says that since they are AWOL, technically, Redford is not a Sergeant anymore. He Responds, saying that Sweetwater better do as he says, or he'll "beat [his] ass into submission." Sweetwater falls in line, noting it was a technical question and that he really didn't mean it, in a very nervous fashion. Redford then tells Sweetwater to not ask him technical questions then.

The player will want to grab the nearby T-90 while moving towards the harbor, as multiple enemy T-90's and BMD-3's will have moved in to the farmland to try and cut the squad off. As soon at the player boards the tank, Haggard will say that he wants to get one of them instead of a Truckasaurus-Rex with his share of the gold. The player will need to double back across the farmland to an area that has opened up on the map just south of the second antenna's location. Heading towards the harbor, there are many vehicles in the area. The player will encounter numerous Vodniks, BMD-3's and T-90's as they reach the harbor, as well as foot soldiers, with many armed with RPG's. If the player's tank becomes heavily damaged, they will want to pull back to a safer area and get out to fix it.

As the player nears the harbor, Sweetwater makes a note that there shouldn't be as many tanks in the area. He feels the Serdaristani Army must be protecting something important, to which Redford agrees. Once the squad regroups at the red smoke outside the harbor, Redford notes that it is heavily guarded. Haggard notes that they are heavily armed, while Sweetwater asks if they are really going to do this. Haggard responds, saying he is sure the trucks are in the harbor, to which Redford feels they need to have a closer look.

Locate The Gold[]

The harbor itself is guarded by a multitude of heavily armed Legionnaire Mercenaries. Many are armed with AN94's, but there are now Support soldiers armed with MG36's that will lay down heavy fire on the player's position. A few Specialists will also be in the mix of soldiers, armed with XM8C's. The soldiers will be unaware of the squad's position until the player takes the first shot, which they should surely make count and kill as many soldiers as possible before they can return fire. The alarm will sound soon after one is killed, and the player will need to advance through the harbor, killing mercenaries on the way. There is also a KORD turret in the watchtower along the wall that the player should take out as soon as possible before it can kill them. The player should also be wary of the oil tanks nearby, as they can be destroyed with a few grenade hits and are very explosive

The fourth gold crate is located on top of a shipping crate near where a Legionnaire Vodnik will park in front of the wall. The player can access it by climbing the nearby stairs and running then jumping off towards the first crate, and then over the gap to the second crate. The player then only needs to head up the stairs, or grab the Vodnik if it isn't destroyed and get above the wall to continue onward. if they take the second set of stairs connected to the raised walkway, the player can find an S20K on the path at the "X" mark. The next area is filled with warehouses and more Legionnaires. One may have a SPAS12 on them, but there will be another Vodnik and a KORD turret in the second watchtower that the player will need to deal with.

Above the second wall, a Recon soldier on top of a high structure towards the back wields an M95 and an M9. The weapon is not listed as a collectible weapon on this level, but the player can take it if they get to the soldier and use it to pick off troops in the lower section of the harbor further along. Before they do so, they will want to remove the soldiers in the area, as they will litter the warehouses, barracks, and communications center. The "X" marks in there area can also be of note; the one under the watchtower is an AN94, the southernmost in a green barracks is a SV98, the warehouse just north of it holds a mortar strike designator, and the comm center has a XM8C. The player will need to regroup at the smoke before continuing.

Redford will note that the container ship in the harbor is very large, while Haggard asks Sweetwater to remind him about the Legionnaire, asking if the cargo hold is loaded with gold. Sweetwater confirms this, as Redford suggests they get a closer look. He will also note that the place is swarming with mercenaries and bets the gold is very close. If the player grabbed the M95 or the SV98, they can head atop the structure where the Legionnaire Recon was to pick off soldiers in the harbor below. Another Vodnik will move in, but it cannot traverse high enough to hit the player, making its gunner easy prey. The mortar strike designator also comes in handy for removing soldiers in the barracks and comm center in the harbor below.

The soldiers in the harbor below will e alerted of the player once they are engaged. They will have a tough time hitting the player at a distance, but they can still get off a few shots, meaning the player will want to duck behind the sandbags if they are still there, or just move back and heal. The player will have to move up to get more soldiers to spawn, but they can always dash back towards the structure to pick them off, or trade off for a close range weapon and take care of the enemies at close range. However, before they move to far, the player should grab the fifth and last gold crate along the south side of the harbor in a green barracks, and they should note the SVU at the "X" mark in the warehouse for a faster firing sniper rifle.

As the player nears the ship, a Recon will be on the back of it, up near the main bridge. There will also be a soldier manning a KORD along the road towards the ship, as well as multiple soldiers scattered about the area. Another Recon will be on the second crane closer to the ship. Once they are taken out, the player then only needs to reach the red marker to complete the mission.

As the squad is preparing to board the container ship, the US Army shows up, with a loudspeaker telling them to lay down their arms and that they are breaching regulations, and that they will take the squad by force if they don't comply. Haggard Responds, saying "Yeah? Says you and what army?" Sweetwater asks why he said that, as he responds that it sounded cool and maybe it would shut them up. Redford tells him to shut up and look around, as AH-64 Apaches surround the squad. Haggard tells the squad to say goodbye to the gold, as Sweetwater wonders what jail will be like. Haggard says he's heard the food is good, while Sweetwater isn't worried about the food. Rather he is worried about dropping the soap, as Haggard notes it becomes very mushy if that happens. Redford tells them to shut up again and the mission ends.


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Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Gamerscore Trophy type
Bca05 You and what army? Complete Crossing Over on normal 15 G Bronze
Bca06 Say goodbye to the gold! Complete Crossing Over on hard 25 G Bronze
Bca14 Half way thru Find half of all collectibles 20 G Bronze


  • One of the objectives, "Saving Private Haggard", is a reference to the World War II film Saving Private Ryan.