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Infantryman Crouching

An Infantryman in Crouch postion.

Crouching is a stance normally used for rifle shooting. Crouching is a way for a player to have better accuracy and is a preferable firing stance as compared to simply standing up and firing, as well as making one a lower-profile target. However, movement speed and reaction time are lowered due to the increased duration of which it takes to turn around or escape from a firefight.

Crouching is available in every installment of the Battlefield Series. Crouching in game slows movement slightly, and generally increases accuracy. Sensitivity is unchanged while crouching. It is most widely used to take cover and provide the enemy with a harder target. 

Battlewalkers in Battlefield 2142 have the ability to crouch, having the mechanical means to do so.

Beginning in Battlefield 3, players with weapons equipped with a bipod can crouch to support their weapon on low cover.

Crawl speedEdit

On PC, certain ground vehicles can make use of Crawl speed by holding Crouch This slows down the vehicle, allowing supporting infantry to keep pace, and possibly allowing for more stable movement.


In Battlefield 1, players can now do a slide-to-crouch maneuver by pressing the Crouch button while sprinting. This allows for the player to slide a meter or so before crouching instead of causing them to lose momentum from stopping to crouch straight away.