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Currency is a gameplay concept in the Battlefield series that is used to purchase in-game content.

Refractor era[]

Neither Battlefield 1942 nor Battlefield Vietnam make use of currency. In Battlefield 2, weapons are unlocked with credits earned from ranking up. Weapons, gadgets, and player abilities in Battlefield 2142 are also unlocked with Badges.

Play4Free era[]

Titles of the Play4Free era relied on microtransactions and the limited availability of weapons, gadgets, abilities, and emotes.

Battlefield Heroes[]

Battlefield Play4Free[]

Frostbite era[]

From Battlefield: Bad Company to Battlefield 4, currency is not used. Battlefield Hardline began a system of unlockable equipment with varying costs of in-game currency. Battlefield V and Battlefield 2042 allow players to purchase in-game currency with real-world currency.

Battlefield Hardline[]

Battlefield 1[]

Battlefield V[]

Battlefield 2042[]