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Custom Combat is a multiplayer-only game mode of Battlefield Vietnam. It allows the player to customize teams, kits and vehicles on maps of a certain server, but the gameplay is identical to regular Conquest.


BFV Custom Combat Menu

The Custom Combat Options menu.

First, the server creator chooses the maps to be played. The customization options will be applied to all the maps on the server. When all the maps are chosen, the server creator goes into the Custom Combat Options menu for customization options.


Any two different teams can be assigned to the server, even if they normally fight alongside each other (e.g., the US Army against the ARVN, or the NVA against Viet Cong). The teams that replaced the US- or NVA-aligned teams will carry plain blue and plain red banners respectively, but they will keep their unique languages, uniforms and weapons.

Kits and weapons[]

Infantry weapons will be those normally belonging to the teams chosen for Custom Combat. It is possible to disable one or both loadouts for a particular kit. One can also disable a specific indexed item across all kits.

Kit and weapon customization are only valid for the currently selected team.


Vehicle customization involves replacing all vehicles on all maps of the Custom Combat server. All appearances of a certain vehicle can be kept the same, replaced with another specified or random vehicle in the same category (land, sea, air) and rank, or removed completely.

Ranks of vehicles[]

A vehicle can only be replaced by a vehicle that is of equal or lower rank.

  1. AC-47 Gunship
  2. A-7 Corsair, F-4 Phantom, MiG-17, MiG-21, A-1 Skyraider (both variants)
  3. ACH-47, Cobra, Mi-8, Huey Gunship, Huey Slick, Ka-25 Hormone, OH-6 Loach
  1. BM-21, BTR-60, M-110, M-113, PT-76, Sheridan, T-54, ZSU, Patton, BRDM, Ontos, BM21 Transport, M35A1 Nancy, T-72
  2. 469, M.U.T.T. (both variants)
  3. Scooter
  1. P.B.R., Sampan

World War II Mod[]

The World War II Mod is not compatible with Custom Combat[1].



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