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The D30 is an artillery piece. It is a Soviet-made 122mm howitzer developed in the 1960s by Artillery Plant No 9 in Sverdlovsk, created primarily for infantry indirect-fire support as well as anti-tank support.

Battlefield 2Edit

The D30[1] is a stationary emplacement featured in Battlefield 2. It makes up one part of the Commander resources for the MEC and PLA on a number of maps, and stands opposite of the USMC LW155. The weapon, and its counterpart, both are destructible, but also possess one of the most powerful attacks in the game.

Battlefield 3Edit

Several D30 howitzers are seen in singleplayer level Rock and a Hard Place. They are deployed on a VDV positions, however D30s are only static props and cannot be used.


  1. The game files list both artillery types as individual emplacements. The D30 is listed explicitly as ars_d30.
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