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The Desert Eagle is a large-framed semi-automatic pistol designed by Israel Military Industries and Magnum Research. It can be chambered for either the .50 AE, .44 Magnum, or .357 Magnum cartridges, with a respective magazine capacity of seven, eight, or nine rounds.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

"Introducing a hand gun previously unseen in any previous Battlefield Games... the Deagle! Also known as the Hand Cannon, amongst its fans. Designed in the US and Manufactured in Israel this weapon is one of the biggest powerhouses of all handgun sporting a selection of models all of which carrying massive rounds for huge stopping power, and the kick to go with it."

— Official Website Description

The DEagle 50 is a secondary weapon featured in Battlefield Play4Free. It has high stopping power, and a moderate rate of fire. Unfortunately, it also has a high damage drop-off and difficult recoil to manage at longer ranges.


Battlefield 4Edit

The DEagle 44 is a weapon featured in the Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth expansion. It is unlocked upon the completion of the Recoil Kinetics assignment.

The DEagle 44 shares the same damage as the M412 REX, SW40, and Unica 6, but has the quickest reload and largest capacity. Its firerate is comparable to the latter two.

Although it is very accurate on single shots, its spread and recoil can make fast firing inaccurate. It has a decent bullet velocity, comparable to the revolvers.

Compared to the .44 Magnum, it is at a considerable advantage for close combat with its large capacity and higher firerate, while the .44 Magnum is more powerful and accurate over longer ranges.

The DEagle 44 also has an advantage over all revolvers of being able to use a suppressor, making it suitable for a stealthy approach.




Battlefield HardlineEdit

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"On the side of this weapon is written "Bald Eagle .50". This hand cannon has high damage, but accuracy is not great due to recoil."

— Official Description

The Bald Eagle is a weapon featured in Battlefield Hardline. It is available to the Enforcer kit as the class' assignment weapon, requiring the completion of Enforcer Assignment 2. It is also used by the VIP in the Crosshair gamemode with a Gold Paintjob. It is the most powerful sidearm available to the Enforcer, but also has the smallest capacity and the highest recoil.


Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

  • On the side of the DEagle 50 you can read the words Diwan Industries. This is a reference to the weapons artist Diwan who actually designed the DEagle 50. The words are on the side of the slide and can be seen in both the standard and Steel variations. The DEagle and Steel DEagle can also be seen very well in Diwan's signature on the Battlefield Play4Free Forums.
  • The DEagle is also the only handgun in Play4Free that has a different reloading sequence than the usual mag drop and also required the player to go through another animation when switching to the weapon, making the player pull back the slide to arm it before being able to fire it.

Battlefield 4Edit

  • It was first discovered in the game files after a patch was released for the Community Test Environment on PC.[1]
  • The pistol's slide reads "© HIGH CALIBER PISTOL KONO RESEARCH INC. LOS ANGELES, CA USA". Los Angeles refers to DICE LA, who developed Dragon's Teeth.
  • The DEagle 44 features a unique model for its compensator attachment, closely resembling the official Magnum Research muzzle accessory for the weapon. Curiously, this accessory is referred to as a muzzle brake on the official website, whereas the DEagle 44 uses the standard pistol muzzle brake attachment when it is equipped.
  • The DEagle and the AN-94, have a ''082'' number printed under their iron sights.
  • The reload animation of the DEagle is shared with that of some of the handguns in Medal of Honor: Warfighter, such as the P226.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

  • The pistol was renamed to Bald Eagle to avoid controversy and paying copyright usage on the names.
  • The rare reload for this weapon involves the player character performing a magic trick by making the weapon disappear, showing off his empty hands before pointing to the now visible weapon in his right hand.[2]

Battlefield 1Edit

  • Though obviously not present due to the game's World War 1 setting, the Mars Automatic handgun's Codex Entry describes it as being the "Desert Eagle of WWI" for its similar status as a famously powerful semiautomatic.


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