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"This legendary semi-automatic pistol requires a skilled hand to handle its weight and very large grip, but it offers in exchange some serious firepower with its .50 AE rounds."

— In-game description

The BFP.50 (Big Frame Pistol)[1] is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced in New Dawn season. It is unlocked by reaching tier 40 in the Battle Pass and available by complete assignments including 5 kills with secondary weapons and 1 kills and assist when destroying an enemy vehicle with the M44 afterwards, the latter require players to first unlock the M44's Armor Piercing ammunition or perform a chain reaction with C5 or Anti-Tank Mines; although Light Air Vehicles can be destroyed by regular bullets.

Among all the pistols in its class the BFP.50 possesses the highest damage per bullet at 75, This declines at 20 meters and has a 1.6x headshot multiplier, Making one hit kills to the head only possible within the allocated range regardless of ammo types. With its rate of fire of 240 RPM (276 RPM with Close Combat ammunition), It is one of the quickest killing sidearm in the game provided one can do follow up shots with its tremendous recoil.

Outside of that range is when its ammo types come into full effect. High-Power which is its default ammo type keeps its 2 hit kill range out until 49 meters. While its Close Combat ammo will rapidly decline out until 39 meters. Within these ranges it will completely disregard IBA Armor Plate. Giving it an edge over other sidearms in the class.

Its ballistics for its allocated range (40 meters) are reliable to the point where not much lead is needed to get a shot off.

Its biggest downside however is its aforementioned recoil. While mostly being vertical, Its mix of horizontal shake makes follow up shots extremely difficult to follow up at a range, This can throw off the user from oversampling it a range and relegates such action to point blank range, In which hip fire is a very viable option and the LS-1 Laser Sight would be essential in assisting so.

Attachment wise. The BFP.50 does not offer much over other sidearms. It alongside the M44 has the unique ability to mount the Raven 4X scope, But with no muzzle attachments, A Laser Sight, Flashlight and two of the aforementioned ammo types. Its performance is relatively monotone no matter how its set.

Damage Chart[]

Ammunition types 0-19m 20-39m 40-49m 50-74m 75-99m >100m
High-Power 75 60 60 35 35 28
Close Combat 75 60 35 28 22 22



Battlefield 2042 BFP.50 Factory Factory
Battlefield 2042 BFP.50 Carbon Series Carbon Series
BFP.50 Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 BFP.50 Uprising Uprising
New Dawn Premium Battle Pass tier 95
Battlefield 2042 BFP.50 Ghost Killer Ghost Killer
Narrative Hunt reward
Battlefield 2042 BFP.50 Iced Veins Iced Veins
Turning Point Premium Battle Pass tier 12
Battlefield 2042 BFP.50 Firework Firework
300 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,000 BFC (Independence Pay Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 BFP.50 Tier 1 Tier 1
BFP.50 Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 BFP.50 Dimensionality Dimensionality
Dark Creations Free Battle Pass tier 82
Battlefield 2042 BFP.50 False Dichotomy False Dichotomy
Earn 30 ribbons during the second week in Dark Protocol playlist
Battlefield 2042 BFP.50 Auric Toxin Auric Toxin
500 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,000 BFC (Striking Gold Bundle)