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"Introducing a hand gun previously unseen in any previous Battlefield Games... the Deagle! Also known as the Hand Cannon, amongst its fans. Designed in the US and Manufactured in Israel this weapon is one of the biggest powerhouses of all handgun sporting a selection of models all of which carrying massive rounds for huge stopping power, and the kick to go with it."

— Official Website Description

The DEagle 50 is a secondary weapon featured in Battlefield Play4Free. It has high stopping power, and a moderate rate of fire. Unfortunately, it also has a high damage drop-off and difficult recoil to manage at longer ranges.



  • On the side of the DEagle 50 you can read the words Diwan Industries. This is a reference to the weapons artist Diwan who actually designed the DEagle 50. The words are on the side of the slide and can be seen in both the standard and Steel variations. The DEagle and Steel DEagle can also be seen very well in Diwan's signature on the Battlefield Play4Free Forums.
  • The DEagle is also the only handgun in Play4Free that has a different reloading sequence than the usual mag drop and also required the player to go through another animation when switching to the weapon, making the player pull back the slide to arm it before being able to fire it.