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The DFS 230 was a German light transport glider operated by the Luftwaffe during World War II. Designed in 1933, the vehicle had a carrying capacity of nine men (excluding the pilot) or 1200kg of cargo, with entry and exit facilitated by a single side door. The vehicle was primarily towed by the Ju-52, but could also be delivered via Bf 110, Bf 109 or Ju-87. The glider played a significant part in a number of major air assault operations, such as the capture of Fort Eban-Emael and Operation Mercury. About 1,600 were produced in total.

Battlefield V[]

The DFS 230 is an unusable vehicle featured in Battlefield V, appearing frequently as a static map object on Mercury. The glider is partially destructible with explosives and can be penetrated using rifle calibre small arms such as Machine Guns and Bolt-action rifles.