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For similar gadgets, see Decoy.
"The Ghost (DS-22 Sniper Decoy), built in the summer of 2141 by PAC scientists, provided a deployable decoy for the recon soldier who equipped it. In the right hands this simple device became one of the most lethal weapons of the war, with the potential to lure any enemy, even entire squads, into a false state of security. On the battlefield the 'Ghost', as it became known, delivered more than just death, but fear and uncertainty to all enemy spotting troops."

— In-game description

The DS-22 Sniper Decoy is a gadget featured in Battlefield 2142, added in Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike, for the Recon class. It is the fifth and final tier unlock in Recon's first unlock branch, requiring either the Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle or the Lambert Carbine be unlocked before it.

The DS-22 is a deployable gadget similar to the squad leader Spawn Beacon, and can be placed by the Recon on any surface. Once placed, the decoy will cause a fake player to appear on the hostile team's minimap, and will hide the Recon who placed it from all types of enemy scanning equipment (UAVs, the IDS-1, and the CM3-N) while he is within 60 meters of the device. The "cloaking" effect for the Recon will be canceled if he is manually Spotted by an enemy player or seen by an enemy Support with the NetBet Active Camo ID upgrade, however he will still be undetected by scanning equipment once the spot wears off. Friendly players will still see the Recon player as normal on their minimaps when he is near the device.

The gadget itself can be destroyed using firearms or explosives, and the Recon is able to pick it up and place it elsewhere after it is deployed. It is visible to all players, and like other deployable devices will emit a continuous series of beeps while operational, though it is not as loud as the Spawn Beacon or IDS-1. Observant players can use this to realize that they're being duped and may attempt to hunt down the decoy to destroy it.

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