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For similar gadgets, see Decoy.

The DS-3 Decoy is a radar jamming decoy device designed during the War of 2020. It appears to be a predecessor of the similar DS-22 Sniper Decoy device employed during The Cold War by both the Pan-Asian Coalition and the European Union. It may also be related to the IDS-1 and PDS-1 radar devices also used during the war.

Battlefield 4Edit

"An experimental device designed to hack the enemy communication network. Once active, the DS-3 Decoy will report a false positive infantry signal on the opposing team's minimap."

— In-game description

The DS-3 Decoy is a gadget featured in Battlefield 4: Final Stand, and is unlocked for all classes upon the completion of the Disinformation Assignment.

The gadget is a small deployable device similar to the Radio Beacon, but is tossed onto the ground like the First Aid Pack or Ammo Pack and is about the same size. Once deployed, the device will make a non-existent enemy player appear on hostile players' minimaps, as well as emitting sounds of gunfire. These will not be apparent to the player who placed it, however; the device will only let out continuous beeps as it operates. The gadget can stick to surfaces as well as moving vehicles.

The device's primary use is as a decoy, distracting the enemy and allowing the player to either escape the area or lure enemies into a trap. One should note, however, that the beeping of the device can be heard by all players, so attentive enemies will be able to tell that they are being duped and may attempt to destroy the device. Spotting a deployed DS-3 will cancel out its effects.




  • During the pre-release of Final Stand, the gadget was originally just named DS-3. Like much of Final Stand's new additions, it was renamed to the DS-3 Decoy with the beta release of the expansion.