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In the Battlefield series, when a player is hit by a weapon, they take damage. Damage reduces the player's health. Once the player's health is reduced to 0, the player dies.

There are multiple types of damage, including environmental damage, engine-based collision damage, roadkill, and fall damage. This page primarily focuses on weapon damage and factors associated with it.

Weapon Damage[]

When a bullet strikes an enemy player, that player takes damage.

Damage dropoff[]

Bullet damage changes as the distance between when the bullet was fired and when the bullet strikes increases.

Battlefield 1942/Battlefield Vietnam[]

In Battlefield 1942, damage drop-off is located in the archive>object file for certain guns. It is a part of the total damage formula of:

  • Hitpoints = MaterialDamage * DamageMod * AngleFalloff * DistanceMod.

It is calculated using this formula:

  • DistanceMod = MinDamage + (1-minDamage) * (distToMinDamage - distance) / (distToMinDamage - distToStartLoseDamage)

MinDamage is the least possible damage multiplier used and is always .5 for weapons in base game plus expansions. DistToMinDamage and distToStartLoseDamage are the start and end of the damage drop-off range respectfully (50-100 for SMGs and Assault Rifles while pistols and the Shotgun are 20-40). Distance is the distance where the shot landed onto a target.

Example: A player armed with a Breda Modello 30 hits an enemy in the head at 75 meters dead on; the min damage is .5, the disttostartlosedamage is 50 and disttomindamage is 100

0.5 + (1-0.5) * (100 - 75) / (100 - 50) = .75

With the DistanceMod at .75, we can plug in the rest:

9 x 2.5 X 1 X .75 = 16.875 damage received.

With the infantry health at 30, the player will be required to hit the enemy one more time in the head at the same distance.

Weapons without damage drop-off modifier will always be 1. Thus, ignoring the damage drop-off.

Weapons with damage drop-off are all the SMGs, Sidearms, Shotgun, Breda Modello 30, Type 99 and Bren LMG.

In Battlefield: Vietnam, only the Mossberg 500 and sidearms have damage drop-off.

Hitbox multiplier[]

Main article: Hitbox

Hitbox series allows weapons to deal increased damage to vulnerable areas of the body or vehicle, or for better-protected areas to take reduced damage.

In most titles, the character's head takes increased damage, while limbs take less damage. Body armor, certain gadgets and specializations may alter damage multipliers. Certain weapon classes in later titles may use different multipliers.

For vehicles in general, vehicles take the same amount of damage as infantry, adjusted by their own multipliers, but benefit from greater health.


Body Armor is found in multiple games in the Battlefield series, reducing the amount of damage a player takes.